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David J (Bauhaus) writes Crowleyan screenplay

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This from LA Weekly:

David J, the least flashy member of Bauhaus and Love and Rockets and their quiet intellectual, has been tangled up in that network for decades now. (He's the one who wrote the lyrics of "Bela Lugosi's Dead" and the one who's long been chummy with comics genius/magick practitioner Alan Moore.)

His interests are not narrow but there's a recursiveness to them: In conversation he jumps easily from Aleister Crowley to Joe Orton to Bowie and Kurt Weill and Murnau and the Sex Pistols and Joy Division. If it's dark and uncanny and smells a little of old Berlin and opium, our man David J is on it.

"I'm now writing screenplays," he tells us in his Hollywood apartment. David J lives, as you'd imagine, in perfect bohemian style, in an old-Hollywood apartment from the Hollywood Babylon era, haunted by the memories of former residents including Weill, George Cukor and Louella Parsons. Weimar exile, gay decadent, tawdry gossip: As we said, the man even chooses his ghostly neighbors with care.

David and his writing partner, Don C. Tyler, are working on a script based on his stage play about Crowley (like the initiated, he pronounces it "CROW-ly"). "The idea behind that was Crowley as seen through the eyes of his Scarlet Women, who are his partners in his rituals," he explains.

Like many a Hollywood denizen, he's currently "taking meetings," except most Hollywood denizens are not foundational figures of an entire subculture, instantly respected by the producers of Shadow of the Vampire (Murnau, again) and Control.


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Interesting. David's Tibetan skull beads sit on my book shelf, keeping Kenneth Grant and AO Spare company. I'll be watching to see how this one develops.