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Film Review: Perdurabo (Where is Aleister Crowley?) (2003)

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Film Review: Perdurabo (Where is Aleister Crowley?) (2003)

By Keri O’Shea

The Great Beast – English occultist Aleister Crowley – has for many years enjoyed an uneasy flirtation with popular culture. He’s appeared on the cover of a Beatles album, which ought to suffice to substantiate the first sentence – he’s inspired numerous homages in poetry and literature, but being such a problematic figure, his relationship with the mediums he’s inspired has long been equally problematic, with cinema no exception. I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised. Crowley was many things to many people; a mutable, volatile persona who still does not lend himself well to linear narratives or neat endings. He was, quite literally, a Law unto himself, and this has caused headaches for many directors who have wanted to represent some aspect of him, without tripping over all the other aspects which contradict the first.

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Wow, that's actually a pretty good assessment.