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Goat Head Found in Brooklyn. Who Cares?

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Goat Head Found in Brooklyn. Who Cares?

A goat head was recently discovered in New York’s Prospect Park (apparently for the second time in four years), and already the Internet is abuzz with speculation about insidious forces lurking in New York. Law enforcement frequently assumes, unfairly, that whenever dead animal parts appear in unusual places that Santeria practitioners are to blame, but The Gothamist has done this theory one better by suggesting that the number “93”—which appears on a tag on the goat’s ear—is linked to Aleister Crowley’s philosophy of Thelema. (One wonders how much time the alleged Thelemites spent finding a goat with a numerologically significant ear tag).

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I seem to remember Simon of Simon's Necronomicon fame writing of dead dogs in Prospect Park in the 1970's as signs of a deviant sub-group of the Process Church emerging prior to the Son of Sam killings.

It seems urban myths don't die even if you cut their heads off and stick a '93' tag in their ears!!