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Interview with the Red Raven; A Peek Into the Cult House of Agares

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Interview with the Red Raven; A Peek Into the Cult House of Agares

Sounds like someone has watched "True Detective" and thought it was real.

Question: Why is this cult so secretive?

Answer: The atrocities of this cult is horrid. They are straight up Satanists and idolize Aleister Crowley. They have sexual orgies, every sado-masochistic fantasy that you can imagine they perform while wearing pig masks.

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Sounds like complete BS to me!


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Leaving aside any customary jokey banter here, I’d like to make a serious point.

This may very well be BS, but there does remain the problem of psychologically/ pathologically disturbed and unbalanced people who make the ‘fundamental’ error of literally (mis-)interpreting Liber AL (and especially of course that third chapter).  By grossly misunderstanding the prime directive of Do What Thou Wilt as meaning do whatever the hell you feel like doing no matter what and how repellent, even though thankfully in the very small minority they still manage to give the ‘rest of us’ involved in the legacy of A.C. a bad name and, as we know, this sort of mud tends to stick.

I don’t know how serious this article is or even if it’s another piece of media invention which should be ignored, but just taking it at face value, it isn’t all that far removed from similar allegations which have been made about legitimate groups in the past.  Apart from the small clip Paul included, the piece goes on to state that in addition to the leader of the cult in question planning to forcibly drug the interviewee with ecstasy and hallucinogens in order to brainwash her, he had also previously “murdered his girlfriend” in “one of their sick blood rituals” and also “sacrificed” a German Shepherd dog.  Somewhere along the line there must have been a radical misreading of “death for the dogs”, since of course not only does Nuit specifically not ask for “aught” (i.e., any thing, including blood) in sacrifice, A.C. kept them himself at Boleskine.  (It’s rather typical of the times, though, that the interviewer appears to show more concern for the killing of the canine than the ex-girlfriend!)

But there are, unfortunately, some unthinking & unfeeling seriously maladjusted psychotic idiots who assume that Aiwass, or Satan, or A.C. - or all three - has prescriptively and proscriptively directly instructed them to kill and torture people, drag down their souls to awful torment, and to literally laugh, spit at, attack without pity & destroy anyone whom they think might wish to ‘entrap’ them.  Instead of taking full responsibility for themselves and their own actions, they believe the delusion that the Book has counseled them to damn anyone showing pity and to hate those actively offering consolation and compassion to others in the event of their relative misfortune.  O what a brave new world and aeon that would be!  And let’s not even get started on the murdering of small babies and infants. 

I remember Gerald Suster often used to comment that Thelema and Crowley tended to bring out the very best and the very worst in people, and this article bears testimony to the latter.  It is in all of our interests, so far as we are able, to correct these misapprehensions wherever they occur and hopefully be able to ‘re-educate’ such fools before any further damage can take place.

And it isn't amusing in the slightest.
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