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Love among the ruins as couple wed at Boleskine  


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23/10/2020 7:18 am  

Love among the ruins as couple wed at Boleskine

Quote from article below.

Boleskine House owners Keith and Kyra Readdy bought the famous building in 2019 and set up a foundation to rebuild the structure, previously owned by the Fraser clan, occultist Aleister Crowley and Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page.

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23/10/2020 9:21 pm  
Posted by: @ptoner

Keith and Kyra Readdy

Just to stay in focus, if possible, in the bigger formation of the cosmic hologram, I note that Keith Readdy is the author of the text(s?) that build a case for the One, True, Only Lineage of Ancient and Copyrighted Derivation of Light, and introduces us to the entrapping word "duplexity," wherein some physical plane org is blessed and all the rest of the Orders and the Aspirants are Fakirs. They/we are confused Liars who have no connection to the Light, unless we repent and consent to pay dues and be told how things are arranged.

Cosmic Outrage and The Seven Furies! I invite anyone to correct me if I'm wrong here, but it seems like Mr Readdy has appropriated Eternally Trademarked Concepts and Publicly Copyrighted Notions from The Holy Roman Catholic Church (and other providers), and what we get is the same old thing. Them, versus us. Join or be dismissed as losers.

So he buys Boleskine. He initiates activity in the Burning Ground (these things are not mere metaphors). He is attempting to restore the Mysteries, at least one of them. I wonder what part we will get to play in this project ... since we are Fakirs and Infidels (by his own designation). We may be allowed to visit, if we pay the fee. Will he see that the great focal point of Light is made available to all who face Boleskine as their Kiblah (Kibblah? Stupid Word), or will it only shine for aspirants in The One True Order that has a Name, and the rest of us are fakirs?


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23/10/2020 10:59 pm  

My heartiest congratulations to the happy couple &

Posted by: @shiva

see that the great focal point of Light is made available to all who face Boleskine as their Kiblah

May the magick of their sexual orgia receive greater emphasis from the sheer propinquity of their Omphalos...

Fnarr fnarr and Blessed Be

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