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The SRA Myth and Aleister Crowley  


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12/06/2020 6:50 am  

Part 1 of the notorious "The Devil's Work - Cook Report" TV programme includes commentary by SAFF - Sub-culture Alternative Freedom Foundation, picking to pieces and demolishing the SRA Myth, and refuting the Xist lies regarding AC.



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23/06/2020 11:21 pm  

The SRA myth? Are you implying that never in history has a group describing itself as satanic, abused children in the context of a ritual? Really 🤨 

Make no mistake, 'satanic panic' is a real phenomena and those with a-little-knowledge will project their dark fantasies on a thousand situations.

But, we have credible witness statements painting a coherent picture of such goings on. How do you explain the Hampstead case? Hours of two children in a police interview, both describing in great detail their abuse. No coaching, zero body language signs of lying or making things up and including verifiable facts such a detailed descriptions and drawings of tattoos above the genitalia of abusers (which were never verified... hmmmm). The children later retracted their statement and the body language screamed their discomfort at doing so (all available on YouTube).

Here's a little known (and compelling) testimony of a woman who claims she was a child sex slave to the 'elites' in Belgium. I uploaded it to my YouTube channel recently as I think it deserves to be heard.

Have Thelemites not heard of the Black Brotherhood nor heard the myriad stories that detail some of their darker practices (SRA, mind control 

As for Crowley... the man abhorred abortion for Chrissakes and SRA goes against the very spirit of Thelema. Like I said... those with a-little-knowledge...

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24/06/2020 2:44 pm  

It certainly is a thing that has happened, but hardly on the scale of the many centuries of systematic child-raping under color of spiritual authority that is "Christian Ritual Abuse".

There are more proven current and recent cases of child-raping in the average Roman Catholic diocese than have ever been credibly proven against occult/Satanic abusers in the whole of world history.

It is true that not all Xians are pedophile child-rapers, to be fair.

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24/06/2020 5:15 pm  

I thought this was going to be about Kidwelly when I saw the title.

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Posted by: @darkowl

Have Thelemites not heard of the Black Brotherhood

Sure they have. Every one of them. However, the interpretation of this B.B;hood varies according to the thoughtform-making capacity of each individual, combined with their experience and belief systems.

So one person will see (in their mentat's eye) a gollum-like wretch in a lonely tower, while another will envision a corporate mogul attended by multiple CIA agents. They all, of course, have blood dripping from their lips, and they live to be really old.

Personally, as a person and not as a Thelemite, maybe as an insane person, I have heard (read and seen movies) of all the manifold dreadful acts of The Black Lodge, including the harvesting of a true (medical-pharmacological) elixir of longevity if not immortality from frightened children who usually do not survive.

The problem is, I subscribe to the "Let him credit nothing that does not lie within the realm of his own experience" theory of interpreting reality. I have never seen a person even slightly shift into reptilian form, back or forth ... not even astrally. (But I have seen and known people who faintly look like lizards. They were always untrustworthy). I have never known of a kidnapped child, nor have I interrogated such victims. I have no experience will seeing ritual killing, rap raping, drinking blood, or any of that gory stuff depicted in the IV*, which I did not survive (nobody does).

I have come home and shall go out no more. This means that if I went out to "do something" about every rumor or conspiracy I hear, I would be overwhelmed by the massive burden of illusion and attacks by multiple assailants, simultaneously. This is not only true of me, but of everyone, but some don't know it yet.

So i have to let things arise into my view, or they gain no credit. I certainly will not go purposely looking for trouble.

Thus I, and most everyone else here, am/is aware of the Legends of The Black Lodge, the Global Elite who have stolen the name of Illuminati from the arcane societies they plundered. As a general Category of Black, they all apply spiritual energy to material ends. In the process they cheat, lie, kill, and probably employ false advertising.

What exactly is it you wish any one of us to do about this matter, especially if it has not arisen into our experienced view as being truly true?