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What is behind the increase in “witches” in the US?

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What is behind the increase in “witches” in the US?

Quote from article below

Indeed, Wicca is the perfect religion for the times. It is an ideology that celebrates nature as the divine—idealizing the values it felt were lacking in modern society, such as enchantment and closeness to the natural world. It is a religion that views the unenlightened as predators intent on destroying the planet—and honors the “divine” within each of us. Introduced in the United States in the 1960s by Raymond Buckland and influenced by the earlier writings of Aleister Crowley, interest in pagan witchcraft grew rapidly during the height of the sexual revolution and the advent of the second wave of feminism.

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I don't know a lot about Wicca, except for the fact that it was founded by Gerald Gardner. Who I understand spent a lot of time in East Borneo with the Dayaks.  These feared headhunters, who are mostly evangelical Christians these days, previously had an animist/nature centered religion. Gardner also spent a good deal of time in Singapore and connected up with some local Sufis there. Ironically, his syncretic religion, which tangentially involved Aleister Crowley, ended up becoming much more popular than Thelema. There is no accounting for taste. Once again, it is further proof that the dumb down version vanquishes in the end. 


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There is no accounting for taste.

It is a matter of (true) grade level, or stage of advancement. The higher levels are reached only by rendering the lower levels "clear" (transparent), because in most people, they are looking at opaque levels (dimensions). The astral (Yesod) dimension is very popular right now, everywhere. It'a a step in the right direction, but it thrusts almost everybody involved into the burning ground ... which are the results of this sort of thing and can be seen daily in the mainstream media and some alternative sources. Those who have eyes to see will see the subtler dimensions, even through the crap - if they remain balanced. You know what this comes down to, don't you?

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