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Aleister Crowley's London

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'The Beast on the Streets'
An Illustrated Talk on Crowley's Adventures Round London
Wednesday, 2nd November

By Christina Oakley, historian and owner of Treadwells' Bookshop
A virtual tour of his flats, bedsits, temples, pubs and friends' home,
A talk with with photos, sketches & maps
Plus: anecdotes, tales and recitations

Wednesday, 2nd November
'Secret Chiefs Moot'
Upstairs at the Devereux Pub
Drinks from 7.30, Talk commences 8.30 pm
Pub is in Devereux Court, off Essex Street
Essex Street is by Fleet Street, nr the Strand
Nearest Tube is Temple
Cost is £2 (£1 concs)

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"Treadwells" wrote:
'The Beast on the Streets' [...] A virtual tour of his flats, bedsits, temples, pubs and friends' home, A talk with with photos, sketches & maps. Plus: anecdotes, tales and recitations

Not fair!

I'll be working...

So, I'm sure I speak on behalf of many here when I say that I'd be very grateful for any photos, written accounts, footage or photocopies from any LAShTAL.COM members that attend.

A year's free membership of this site to whoever provides the best multimedia account.

What do you mean, "But membership of this site is already free"...?


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93, all!

I can heartily recommend this lecture. I was fortunate enough to attend another pretty similar sounding one of Christina Oakley's shows and it was highly entertaining. The real hardcore AC fanatic probably won't learn too much new stuff, but the audience alone, the Treadwell's "gang" and Christina's presentation have been very much worth the one-day trip from Germany this summer (besides my visit to the National Portrait Gallery to see the astounding colours of the AC painting "live", the Equinox bookshop, Jermyn Street, the beer, and the carressing, kissing, licking and smelling of the wooden bench were the prophet might have sat some 70 years ago). So if you see any chance to go there, go!

And of course I have not forgotten that I still owe some of you my promised written (and photographically enhanced) account of this summer lecture. I will finish it sometimes, I think the best time will be winter holidays.

Really sad that I can't come.

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In my recent interests of necromancy I am resurrecting this thread.

Does anyone have any recordings, transcripts, or photos of any of the AC related talks in London the past 13 odd years?

I am hearing a bit of a recent one but the one above sounds super too.

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Apart from one single lecture by Cat Vincent I recorded and posted on soundcloud some years ago... no, there aren't any. I don't work at Treadwells anymore, apart from running my own classes and workshops there, but I hear they might be looking into webinars now.