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Bath Omphalos Presents - The Many Kabbalahs by Kenneth Rees  


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20/08/2008 11:02 pm  

Bath Omphalos presents: THE MANY KABBALAHS - a talk by Ken Rees

Used and developed by Jew and
Gentile, mystic and magician alike, the
Jewish mystical system of the kabbalah
has a fascinating history. Through
inspiration and speculation it has
shape-shifted over the centuries to take
on a variety of interpretations and
expressions. This talk will focus on some of the key
features in its evolution and the main
traditions that embody it today.

Kenneth Rees is a lecturer in esoteric
spirituality at a number of London
colleges. His teaching subjects include
Renaissance Hermeticism, the Western
Esoteric tradition, the new paganism,
Gnosticism and mythology.

Date: Saturday 6th September 2008
Time: 2PM for a 2.30 start, finishes at 4PM
(probably reconvening for a drink afterwards)
Location: The Percy Community Centre,
New King Street, Bath, Somerset, BA1 2BN
Entry: £5.00 to cover costs

Please note, the Omphalos Magick Moot
will be held the following weekend, on
Sunday 14th September in the Raven, Bath
with the usual 4.30 start.