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Evening Seminar: Thoth Tarot Introduced  


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03/01/2020 11:28 am  

Aleister Crowley's famous Thoth tarot deck is an iconographic masterpiece. It was painted in the 1940s by Frieda, Lady Harris, under Crowley's direction, reflecting both the artist and the magus. It encodes a world of meaning both in terms of the Western esotericism which fed into Thelema but also Thelema (Crowley's philosophy) itself. Tonight's seminar introduces the Thoth tarot in all its splendour, with a focus on the central concepts driving the vision and the core symbols which underpinning it.

NOTE: this is not a class in how to read the tarot cards, it is about the underlying concepts and on how Crowley's ideas are embedded in the symbols.