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Magick in Cinema with Brian Butler April 5 Seattle  


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03/04/2012 3:08 am  

This looks great - Cameron fans note he will be screening the exceedingly impossibly to find "Wormwood Star" Curtis Harrington film on Marjorie Cameron and her art.

Apr 05

(Various directors, USA, Various formats, 1hr 40 min total program time)

Co-presented by the Esoteric Book Conference

Thursday, Apr 05 at 07:00PM

Artist, writer and filmmaker Brian Butler presents a program that explores the occult as depicted in avant garde and experimental film. Magick has been defined by Aleister Crowley as "the science and art of causing change to occur inconformity with the will." The short film is a perfect medium for modern occult ritual—utilizing sound light and color to alter the consciousness of the viewer. This program includes pioneers in the field of occult film as well as newer works by Brian Butler.

Program includes:
Death Posture (Brian Butler, 2011, 3 min)
The Invasion of Thunderbolt Pagoda (Ira Cohen, 1968, 20 min)
No. 17: Mirror Animations (Harry Smith, 1979, 8 min)
Wormwood Star (Curtis Harrington, 1956, 15 min)
Brush of Baphomet (Kenneth Anger, 2009, 7 min)
Night of Pan (Brian Butler, 2009, 7 min)
Union of Opposites - Seattle Premiere! (Brian Butler, 2012, 10 min)

Michael Staley
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06/04/2012 10:14 am  

Some interesting film-titles there. I hope that it went well. If any member of LAShTAL was there, would love to read a review.

Curtis Harrington's Wormwood Star was shown a couple of years ago at the London launch for Spencer Kansa's biography of Marjorie Cameron, Wormwood Star - The Magickal Life of Marjorie Cameron. It was the first time I'd managed to see the film since first hearing of it in the late 1980s, so it was especially memorable. Poignant too, since much of her artwork in the film was subsequently destroyed by Marjorie Cameron.

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06/04/2012 4:51 pm  

It was a fantastic night out Michael. As you know, Seattle is supportive of the esoteric arts, however I was surprised (and pleased) to see a sold out theatre for this event.

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09/04/2012 10:22 pm  

I attended as well. Enjoyed the films, rather decadent.

Of note were a few items Brian mentioned at the end of the showing:
- Union of Opposites is part of a larger project, which will be performed in LA at some point this year. It involves live ritual performance along with multi-screen display of the film.
- He is working on his first full length feature film. No details of it or if Anger is involved.
- Brian did explain that all the artwork (talismans) in the Wormword star was destroyed after filming by her hand.
- While Brian was living in NYC there was a fellow there who recreated Harry Smith's installations to show his animations, which were not meant to be shown direct on a flat screen - Smith used multiple surfaces and projected through moving objects, a very complicated process which I would love to see.