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Aleister Crowley, Book of Goetia, First Impressions 1993 ix + 65pp 13ins x 9ins. This edition is highly sought after as the text is a facsimile of Crowley's personal copies of the 1904 first edition reproducing the substantial annotations therein. These commence with three pages carrying Gerald Yorke's notes. The Preliminary Invocation or Bornless ritual is given twice. The first reproduces the text from Crowley's vellum bound copy, the second presents the text from Crowley's camel hair bound copy which has a different set of annotations. These will be important for anyone studing the genesis of Liber Samekh. Whilst the Introduction has only two additional annotated footnotes by Crowley the text itself has seven illustrations of Goetic demons by Crowley, plus some additional annotations. There is then a two page list in the hand of Gerald Yorke giving the appearance of the demons from the Bagh-I-Muattar plus Crowley's sources for that material. Finally there are three pages of Enochian Calls in the hand of Leah Hirsig plus a pages reproducing talismans from Crowley's Temple of L.I.L. in Mexico. As York notes here the text of the Goetia itself was derived from original manuscripts by MacGregor Mathers - the "Dead Hand" referred to in the title - though, in fact, very much alive in 1904. He was dead only in so much that he and Crowley had fallen out! Fine £120

Andrew Chumbley, Azoetia, A Grimoire of the Sabbatic Craft, Xoanon 2002 the Sethos Edition. This copy being number 35 of 44 deluxe copies quarter bound in natural goatskin and green cloth gilt stamped with a design variant from the trade edition. It has a red silk place-ribbon. The book comes in a stout slipcase with another design gilt stamped. The limitation page is numberd in the authors hands and has sigils and dedication inbscription hand drawn. Frontispiece and preliminaries + ix + 365pp with many original striking illustrations. Quality paper sheets hand bound in gilt stamped emerald buckram. First published ten years ago in a limited edition of 300 paperback copies this is a remarkable work. The author sought expression for the British Traditional Witchcraft into which he had been initiated. Oaths of secrecy forbade blatant description of the Cunning-craft so he drew with insight, upon Ancient Egyptian mythology, Gnosticism, alchemy, tradtional sorcery, Masonic symbolism, tantra and the work of Austin Osman Spare to generate a vehicle for its mysteries. These are enshrouded in a cogent and coherent system of Sabbatic ritual and sorcery, encompassed by a magical alphabet, that can be utilised for both spellcraft and the gnosis. This work is born of a magical act of creation continuously guided by active dreamwork and the Daimon of the Grimoire itself, whose name, "Sethos" is acknowledged for the first time with this publication. Care has been taken to retain the youthful fire of the first edition yet the text has been revised with new formulae and some new illustrations never previously seen. It has been observed that the last hundred years have seen myriads of books on occultism but very few occult books. Andrew Chumbley's achievement is very unusual. The ability to create a grimoire is now a rare art - one thinks of the work of Franz Bardens, Kenneth Grant and of course Austin Osman Spare - there are very few others. Furthermore the books themselves are created as talismans. Ideas incarnate intended as seeds to be planted in the Universe. This copy is missing the talismans which would have acompanied it. Fine in Fine Slipcase £900

Kenneth Grant, Beyond the Mauve Zone, Starfire An.95 xii + 367pp Cold Frontis Pls Seeks to revitalise OTO sex magick formulae by reconnecting with Indian tantric teachings, he describes the contacting of praeter-human intelliegnces & the new initiatory Current associated with the Aeon of Maat. Aside from historical information concerning Crowley, Frater Achad and the development of Thelema here is new information concerning the workings of the Typhonian OTO in Britain & Eastern Europe and its relationship with the work of Nema and Michael Bertiaux. Spiced with Typhonian artwork & intricate Gemetria £275

Kenneth Grant, The Ninth Arch, Starfire 2002 xxxvii + 603pp Limted to 1000 copies. Coloured Frontispiece (The Essential Magical Formula - Man is a Bundle of Ids by Austin Osman Spare). Coloured plates at rear show dustwrapper designs of the Typhonian Trilogies, Plates Fine in Fine DW £290

Daniel Alvin Schulke, Viridarium Umbris, Pleasure Garden of Shadow which Treats of the Secret Knowledge of Trees and Herbs Deliver’d by the Fallen Angels unto Man, Xoanon 2005 Numbered limited edition 233 of 576, (xviii) + 518pp Illustrated. The author is the Magister and Verdelet of the Cultus Sabbatai, the witchcraft order previously headed by Andrew Chumbley. This is a beautiful book. Handbound in green in sage green cloth which shimmers as the leaves of the herb sage do, perhaps chosen for the reference to wisdom in the name. Copper blocked on the spine and front board with elegant symbolic decoration designed by the author whose striking illustrations appear throughout the book. Most of these illustration depict the genius of particular plants which command their healing powers. The nature of this herbalism is deeply magical and occult. The author displays impressive knowledge of herbal lore and magical practice using plants. This work is an major component of the corpus of books born of the Cultus Sabbatai, perhaps one of the most interesting magical witchraft currents operating at the present time. £275

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