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AC/DC Fundraising for LAShTAL - Part Two

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Many a mickle makes a muckle.

So here is another one-time opportunity for members of the Aleister Crowley Society. In 2003 I researched old copies of the "Eastbourne Gazette" for the chess column Crowley wrote for it in 1894 - Crowley's very first published writings. The RRAC (Really - or relatively - Rare Aleister Crowley), a subdivision of the Aleister Crowley Dependant Collective AC/DC, "published" these articles for friends only in a print run of 5 under the title "Chess Notes - Aleister Crowley writing as Ta Dhuibh". For sale to raise funds for is a one-time-only reprint of this fantastic book. It contains all of Crowley's chess columns in facsimile, as well as in a new type-set edition ("translating" the chess games into a modern "chess language") and in a German translation. The book is hard-bound and has 136 pages and is in new condition. Many aspects of Crowley's later writing style can already be found here, when he was just 18.

Here are some pictures:

Please PM with serious and ridiculously overgenerous offers until midnight July 23rd (CET), all the money is for! If I deem the offers unsufficient I might decline them and put the thing on ebay.

If you have any more questions concerning the contents or whatever please don't hesitate to ask.

More interesting stuff to follow.