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For Sale: 1929 FIRST EDITION, Magick in Theory and Practice

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The subject says it. This is a first edition of Magick in Theory and Practice that has been in my collection for over ten years. i paid a few hairs over 900 dollars for it at auction, plus shipping. This book radiates with an inner energy. There are books about magick and there are magick books. This is the latter.

Honestly, i've said goodbye to family members with less ado than i'm saying goodbye to this book. But, the money will help me avoid getting a job for a couple more months, so that i can finish editing this book i'm writing. Out of all the magickal acts it has helped me accomplish, this one will be no lesser.

The price is -$800-, plus shipping. It is in very good condition, with some minor foxing to the endpapers, and does not come with the exceptionally rare dust jacket. Small bump to lower edge of one of the boards. Two very small marks, very light colored one on spine, one on cover (may be possible to remove one or both.) Interior clean and unmarked. Strong binding.

Pictures available for serious inquiries. If it makes you more comfortable, we can do the transaction through a buy it now eBay listing on my profile: i have 93 positive feedback in the last 12 months alone. (Goddess bless synchronicity.) There will be a slight premium added to any eBay transaction, to offset fees. Payment is to be through Paypal.

All questions welcome. Look forward to sending you your new treasure....

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I could be interested.  Tell me more. Make direct contact.
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93! Parker,

Condition is everything and the only way for me to be assured of that is a nice set of photos to accompany the written description. Add me to your interested list and PM me further details (can supply an email address by return).

Please keep in mind it is a normal courtesy to donate a fair percentage for books sold via Lashtal to the site. You can even take advantage of the marketplace facility provided on here.


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"Parker" wrote:
[...] my profile: i have 93 positive feedback in the last 12 months alone. [...]

My word, Parker!  Your credentials give a whole new meaning to the words “glowing testimonial”!

Unfortunately though, I don’t have the funds myself to buy any “occult” books at the moment, let alone expensive ones, and most attractive as your first edition sounds.  If only it had a dj, eh!?  (And yes, it might be a good idea to donate a portion of the proceeds to the very good cause of Lashtal, if you hadn’t already contemplated that idea!)

Bon chance with the sale...
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