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I am buying used occult books for our research library  


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23/07/2013 5:00 am  

I am the owner of Nephilim Press and we are interested in purchasing your used occult books. We have a rather large research library and we are always on the lookout to expand its holdings. Because we have over 1000 books already in the collection it is impossible to say exactly what we'll buy. To give an example, we have ten copies of the book of the law and we have sold over fifty. It is a popular book. However, we can say that we will not buy books in poor condition (poor condition is subject to opinion and we can discuss it when we see images of the books). Our bids are based on the expected retail value of the books we buy. That retail value is derived from the books' desirability, current and historic market values, in-print prices, conditions, and an auction pricing service that we subscribe to. We sometimes will trade books for books and we offer more for your books if you want in store credit (to be redeemed in our online store) than we do in cash. We will buy one book or an entire library. We also buy ephemera and occult objects and artifacts. If you are interested in selling your old books please let us know and maybe we can work something out. Just email us at If this is considered spamming or against the forums rules for me to post this please let me know.

By the way, we have a complete set of the Equinox Vol 1 No's 1-10 if anyone is interested in a trade. We have two of them so one needs to go. If you are interested email me

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23/08/2013 10:08 pm  

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Off topic duplicate post deleted.

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Why you think this is worth making a double post is beyond me!  I'm not really sure that posting books for sale here, and telling us to go to craigslist is in line with the Forum Guidelines....