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Mystic's Potion to Prolong Life Fails

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While reading the thread on the centennial Holy books and the alleged inferiority of "simple" collectors, an idea came to my mind. Here it is: A facsimile edition of obituaries and press clippings on Aleister Crowley's Death 60 years ago, all from December 1947. All (well, nearly all) are actual scans of the actual newspapers. No other value than simply looking at them, enjoying the read and collecting them if you like. What makes things worse: It is a limited edition of 23 copies, numbered of course. And even worse: 3 of them are deluxe copies. This is meant as a tribute to the Old Man, as well as a tribute to the fantastic Red Flame series of Jerry Cornelius, especially Red Flame Issue No.9 - Aleister Crowley in the Public's Eye. If you - like me - enjoyed that read but would have liked to see the actual facsimiles, this is your chance. Nearly all of the clippings of Red Flame (those referring to his death of course) are included, partially then unknown sources are made known, and there are some more clippings that were not in Red Flame No.9. Some are short (don't forget, AC's best press days were over then), some are longer, some are illustrated.

Of course it would be cooler to do this as a small fund-raiser for, but this opition seems to be over. Alas, if Paul wills to accept this offer, I will gladly forward all income (if there is any).

Please see the ebay page for more info on how the edition looks like.


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Received my copies yesterday. Wonderful little booklets. Congratulations to Lutz...