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New Book About Crowley Sex Magick - Out Of Print in a Week!

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Ben Fernee
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Anon, ARARITA, Elaborations on the Star Sapphire by a Traveler in Darkness, Exploration-5 Publishing 2010e.v., a hand numbered limited edition of a print run which will be decided in a weeks time (see below), Hardback 104pp Some diagrams. Printed to archival quality using the GiclΓ©e process (usually used for reproducing fine art prints) on 148gsm Mohawk paper chosen for its pleasant "feel" and texture. The sheets of the book are folded by hand, hand sewn, and finally hand bound, the front board being blocked with title and symbolic design using genuine gold, rather than an imitation gold coloured shiny foil. Given the subject matter,
the use of a pretend gold would seem inappropriate. The cloth used is a subtle purple/blue, which harmonises with the violet-plum endpapers and the restrained and occasional use of purple in diagrams, all appropriate to the kabbalistic resonances of the book.

The Crowley' Star Sapphire Ritual was first published as Chapter 36 in the Book of Lies, bearing the date 1913. Crowley writes in Confessions that:-

Shortly after publication, the O.H.O (Theodore Reuss) came to me. (At that time I did not realize that there was anything in the O.T.O. beyond a convenient compendium of the more important truths of freemasonry.) He said that since I was acquainted with the supreme secret of the Order, I must be allowed the IXΒ° and obligated in regard to it. I protested that I knew no such secret. He said, "But you have printed it in the plainest language." I said that I could not have done so because I did not know it. He went to the bookshelves and, taking out a copy of The Book of Lies, pointed to a passage in the despised chapter. It instantly flashed upon me. The entire symbolism, not only of freemasonry but of many other traditions, blazed upon my spiritual vision. From that moment the O.T.O.
assumed its proper importance in my mind. I understood that I held in my hands the key to the future progress of humanity.

Given its central importance to Crowley's exposition of OTO sex magick, it is curious that chapter 36 of the Book of Lies, the Star Sapphire (which can be viewed here has received relatively little attention. It is interesting that Crowley wrote the text before he was initiated into the Sanctuary of Gnosis of the OTO. Ironically, the author of this new volume makes it clear that he or she has not, nor has ever been, an initiate of any OTO. He, or she, does succeed in making the deeply enigmatic text comprehensible, and describes the
magical symbolic processes referred to, using their representation in the trumps of the Crowley Thoth tarot. He (or she) also gives detailed and practical advice (with diagrams) as to how these principles may be realised in acts of physical sexual magic that enflesh the ritual and that allows preparation of the sacrament. The book is clearly written and eschews mystification. As all ready mentioned the author clearly states that he or she is not party to any secret or initiated teachings - a position shared by Crowley when he wrote the Star Sapphire - so no oaths of secrecy are being broken. Also, care has also been taken not to infringe any Crowley

98 copies have been completed and are ready to ship. However, there will be a delay in their dispatch of one week from when this email goes out, This is so that the final limitation of the print run can be determined and recorded on the limitation page. If, say, 150 people order copies, then a further 52 will be produced, which will take about a month. But then, that will be that. The book will then go out of print. However, for a week, you can order in confidence that you will secure a copy. Just as the size of the print run will be determined by response to this notice, so too will the distribution of individual copies. The first person to order in response to this email will receive copy number 1; the second person, copy no.2; the third No.3 and so forth. No "bookings" of sought after numbers will be
accepted so that this principle can be respected throughout. Scans of the cover and sample pages will be sent on request.This is not the first book penned by the author. A previous title has become highly sought after and now sells for a lot of money. However, the author wishes this work to be available to as many people as possible, hence the arrangement concerning limitation and a desire to keep the price of this handmade book as low as possible at UK Pounds 36.00

Postage is extra at cost (in UK Pounds):-

UK 1.95
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"Ben" wrote:
8) International Money Order or Bankers Draft payable to B.P. Fernee in UK Pounds


It seems obvious that this is the "coolest" way to pay!

Nonetheless, this publication sounds interesting.


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This book together with that newly published book by Teitan Press, "Brother Curwen Brother Crowley" seems to be very fine and interesting additions to any Thelemic Library.

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Yeah alysa, the Teitan press one looks really good. I am totally getting it when I get paid πŸ™‚ I love reading personal letters and diaries you learn so much about a person.