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Original Austin Osman Spare for sale

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Good for you - bad for me! Another catastrophe just hit my private life and I have to sell parts of my collection - huge parts, I fear. I will put a lot on ebay during the next weeks (some Coulquhoun art already is, wink!) but some stuff I do not want to put there. So I will try my luck here first (again, I fear). I am starting with three Spare Originals. I will wait a few days for serious offers before I sell or think about other ways of selling. Please PM me. The first one is this:

The second one is:

And the third one unfortunately was deleted with the Spare gallery. I uploaded it to the Miscellaenea gallery and it is:

A chalk sketch (56x38cm, 22x15inch) done by AUSTIN OSMAN SPARE (1886-1956) during his personal "refresher course" at the City and Guilds Art School Kennington - which he attended as a youth and returned there at the age of 69 prior to an exhibition in a local pub, his nude studies sold quickly - this would be 1955 at the age of 69. His comments on the students was that he had done more in one day than the lot put together in one week! It must have been strange to see this fierce dishevelled old chap in his tatty clothing frightening away the life-class students into another room - leaving him to fix the model how he wished! This man had an operation involving removal of ribs hence his back was dished.

That's what the small sticker on the lower left of the sketch says. On the backside you will find a landscape sketch. Hopefully both files have uploaded by now, but they will pretty soon, I hope.

As I said, serious offers are more than welcome. What can I say? I am pretty desperate so try your luck!