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A Belated Introduction  


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07/03/2008 12:03 am  

Do What thou Wilt Shall be the Whole of the Law.

Even though I have been participating in my own naive way already on this fantastic website, I have only just decided to take the time out to introduce myself and tell you who this strange person call ElGod actually is.

I call myself ElGod because of the fact that it is a rather funky anagram of my surname (Lodge). My first name (Robert) reversed makes the name of the famous makers of minty freshness, but that isn't as cool as ElGod.

Anyway, I stumbled on Thelema and the works of Crowley whilst doing research for my book Beyond the Soul which was searching for objective evidence for the existence of the soul. (Hopefully when it is finished I will publish bits (or all) of it on the site - if permission from the forum master is granted of course). Anyway I wan intrigued enough to look deeper and began to read some of the documents and Libers until gradually I began to take in some of the concepts and ideas behind the whole endeavour.

I am not exactly the most experienced Thelemite, but everyone has to start somewhere, right...? Hopefully, my presence on this site will furnish me with new understandings in the quest for the K & U of the HGA.

Thanks for reading this account and I hope that we will be communicating in the future on some deep philosophical or mystical topic.

Love is the Law, Love under Will