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by way of introduction  


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08/04/2012 10:37 pm  

I have just registered for these fora. By way of introduction:

I'm in my early 40s and have been interested in occultism, in the broadest sense, for around 30 years, in various ways and with various degrees of intensity in the different phases of my life. Inevitably, Crowley was one of the first people I discovered, and between the ages of 15 and 20 I read a fair amount by and about him, including his Confessions. In the end- and I'm assuming this to be a place where a range of views can co-exist, provided they are expressed in civilised fashion- I had the feeling, the intuition if you like, that Crowley,while undoubtedly fascinating and in some sense very impressive, was too shadowed by... something (either within or without him)... for me to maintain interest in him or Thelema. I became much more interested in Jung and depth psychology than in magick per se, later I was intrigued by the Chaos current. I have never been part of a 'magickal group', at least certainly not in the Thelema or Chaos context (I was however a member of a Gurdjieff group for some years).

More recently, I have been writing a blog, The Haunted Shoreline:

This is part psychogeographical journal, part magical diary- it deals with surrealism, depth psychology, alchemy and occultism, all seen through the prism of events and found objects on the beaches of southern England, where I live. Some of you may find it interesting.

The reason for coming here is that, in the course of my reading and researches, I find myself developing an interest in Crowley once again. In the past I felt there were nuggets of extraordinary insight buried away in Crowley's enormous oeuvre, and I'm keen to revisit him in that spirit. I'd also be grateful for any recommendations regarding the more recent AC biographies- I've read the (fairly critical/sceptical) books by Colin Wilson and Lawrence Sutin, but I'm aware there has been a book by Tobias Churton and, I think, at least one other. Which do people recommend?

I hope this introduction is not overlong. Thanks for your attention.

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09/04/2012 1:12 am  

Welcome to Lashtal

For a good overview of recent Crowley Biographies check out

The Neverendingly Told Story: Recent Biographies of Aleister Crowley, available to download here;

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Thanks for the greetings.

davyp93- that link is a treasure trove, much appreciated. I read Pasi's article with interest. But in fact, for now I've ordered a copy of 'Portable Darkness' as a way back in to Crowley.

The Haunted Shoreline

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Welcome to LAShTAL, Haunted_Shoreline.

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howdy! hope you enjoy your stay on the LAShTAL!
I believe the stewardess will be coming by with some complimentary libations shortly.

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Welcome to LAShTAL.COM, Haunted_Shoreline!  🙂


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welcome to LAShTAL - and i've added you to my feed reader already!

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Welcome to this humble abode…

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