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I was born in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. I had an early introduction to religious(?) studies in that my parents and most of my surrounding family were Jehovah's Witnesses. The Revelations-a-go-go. Very similar to The Plymouth Brethren in ways. In fact early JW publications took unacknowledged whole passages from the brethren rags. My first introduction to AC was through a biography of AC at our Public Library when I was but a boy ( well, I am 26 now so maybe to some of you I am still a boy!). I did not read it but the cover picture of a young AC in his Magickal robes complete with a book that had a giant 93 on it delved sharply into my memory. Fast forward to middle of bible belt nowhere Alberta. Jimmy Page is my favourite guitarist and inspires me to no end to work on my own music. I am 13. I am staying in my best friend's bedroom ( which was a camping trailer out in the backyard of his mom and step dads house ). Across the gravel road an old baptist lady gives us a VCR tape to play on his T.V. She had heard the loud music and screaming across the road. It was a movie about the evils of rock and roll. It went into explicit detail about subliminal messages and more importantly an expose about the connections between the evil rock group the Doors and how they posed with a bust of Crowley on the original Vinyl of 'Waiting for the Sun', and then went in depth as to how Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin was in league with a modern acolyte of Satan named Aleister Crowley. My friend was scared shitless because that was my two favourite bands. I was ecstatic. I wanted to know everything about Aleister Crowley.

Fast forward 5 years and I am smoking an awful lot of grass, drawing many pictures, writing, and making music. I decide to head west to Vancouver B.C and ' get into magick '( I had forgotten about AC at this point). I take a out the AutoHag from the library and start to notice his work in used book shops. A tremendous inspiration and discovery inform the next few years of my life. I join the A.'.A.'. ( the Helios lineage now defunct from Edmonton, Alberta). The connection is all over the internet but does the job in passing the ball. I take the Probationer grade as Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit. I take the Neophyte as AkaDua, but lose contact with those boys in Edmonton at that point. No matter, I wanted to make the grade system my own. I knew the guidelines and how to proceed. I take two more oaths, and eventually find that I have arrived at 4=7.

I am at a standstill of sorts. The last grade and the path across brought an absolute torrent of personal pain. It did not suprise me when I found that the path was that of 'The Tower'. These Oaths and these grades are everything that AC said they were. My experiences have matched perfectly the grades and names I have taken. The Work goes on for me. Just want to say hello to all of the other kids in stardust land.

I am living in Copenhagen now. My grandparents are Danish and it has been one hell of a trip. Thanks Paul for your dedication and the best Thelema site on the Web! 😀