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Hi everyone,

I am Ma'et

Short version of a long story -
I was born as a mistake to society. One of Australia's "Stolen Children" but for a mistake I was certainly gifted with a full basket of symbolism.

So knowing I was named as a mistake I set about finding out why.

First memories are of being in a totally alien world I had no clue about. I used to climb on the roof as a kid and lie there watching the stars for hours sending out the message "hey you bastards you dropped me off on the wrong planet" and begging my named one to answer me.

I was adopted by GEB (nocturne - earth in the dark) and the perfect mother. mum and dad didnt understand me but they allowed me to be and So I grew up with love supporting me, unlike the thousands of other kids in similar situations.
I travelled with dad on the road, I was the son he never while my sister (who was later killed ) was mum all over and stayed home with mum but at the same time I still learned from mum the "girl stuff" of knitting sewing cooking. It was a childhood of contrasts and freedom. I saw and learned so much more, one week my grandma would be getting queens honours the next I would be squatting around an aboriginal campfire listening to them sing and watching them make message sticks.

I hate lies and falseness, that same society honoring my grandma for her church and charity work, was taking $2 off a tribal elder for a man sized wood carved and patterned lizard that I sat for hours and watched being lovingly created and then five minutes later selling the same item for nearly $1000 to the tourist who wanted souvenirs of the savages.
that awoken my other part, justice - fairness

so that was me, this little tough sensitive very intelligent but wild smart ass in an alien world. The do what thou will was my nature and as a child I had no boundaries so it was very much do what thou want... and I did

I met my birth parents and figured why i was so confused a black scot who my grandad angus called gypsy and the red heart. Found out I was born in a morgue out of the shame of my mothers pregnancy.

Life went on, tripped on down the path of the fool then suddenly there was three kids with deceased fathers to think about and time flipped. It wasn't about me anymore, I had others first. So I put me in the background and attempted to fit in this alien world of death around me in order to stop the death.

Met the third father I call the living death. 3 more kids and every conceivable horror and misery.

So after 51 years on earth its all split everywhere. My heart is full of sadness of that which has been taken away. I finally figured I can't fit in and leave the world as it is for my children to inherit.
As a mother I wish to make sure my children are provided for and given the keys to be able to function but the locks keep changing and multiplying.

So I said “**” it and stepped off into the sanctuary of the rainbow serpent to find nothing to be able to rebuild to something. My work for the children and all the children.

Father 2 (aries) believed he was crowley incarnated. Me being me needed to see this for myself not just blindly believe (the minister used to hate me in church I was the kid with all the buts and whys and wouldnt shutup)
that was my introduction to thelema many years ago, why Keith thought he was crowley (other than the eyes, appearance, persona *shrugs) and it was my birthday that breaks down to 666 not his lol

I looked at some attributes & numbers in the book of thoth and said straight away. This isn't right. I knew it could be right so started to work to find the right. took me a while and step 1 fell in place perfectly. The zodiac circle and the planet circle and the Iching. One of the formulas that I shared was taken and that was when I shut down. I knew the moves I had to make for the next sequence but I didnt work through it. I put it away as I said and concentrated on raising children.
I don't think the government liked that they said to me once, you can't be mother you are adopted”

that at the time made no sense... AT THE TIME.. Now it does and with it the rational feelings attached of anger, shock and anger at myself for knowing already on a level but not believing because "way too out there", all which I need to resolve in order to move forward with justice and fairness.

So I have stepped back in to see this aspect for myself, hence why I am here. Trust no one I was told the night I was supposed to die. I listened, I trusted myself. Now I am trusting myself to find the really real.

So far my thoughts..

It's about currents. One is receptive and one is creative.. and mining currents..

This is the time of the next emanation. The rainbow is already here now its the rainbow of the rainbow. like crossing rainbows and seeing the new colours produced...
Its the colours of dusk and dawn Kia'ra and Kai'ra the twin currents that were always here but ignored... oh and the receptive... and the orange greens and and

God stated it over and over .. I love breaking that all down.. and Im still going.

and the darkness he called “night.” And there was evening, and there was morning—the first day.

Conclusion= and there was evening and there was morning
Night does not meet day it meets dawn and day doesnt meet night merges into dusk and dusk meets night. Light contains twilight and then there is darkness.. good on ya bella and edward for making the time of twilight so popular bit like megatron in transformers.

It is only then the day splits further into before noon noon(midday) and afternoon then night splits into i before midnight, midnight and after midnight. Looking at that statement from god day contains 3 night 1

Back to the currents one gives one takes and that is where the world has developed the issues. The takers wanted more to harness the receptive and draw more.

A heterodyne current has been introduced in an effort to stop/dampen/impede/play over the universal currents. It has effected the magnetism of the planet and loss of current has the play of the pageant between elements affected.
sometimes though the very movements and acts of trying to negate something from occurring can actually be the very act that creates it.

So thats me in a nutshell..a bauplenut shell
I have a wicked sense of humour and I know enough to get myself into trouble but not enough to get the hell out

I know, *eyeroll it's all TL;DR

so hi there I am Ma'et.... waves to everyone from the EAC
I found nemo

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oh and this is me


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I dont think they like links <3

Michael Staley
MANIO - it's all in the egg
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Welcome to LAShTAL, mayet.

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Yes, welcome. Your posts here thusfar have been interesting, and i am sure you will find things to talk about here.

We are at times contentious, but there is a strong current of scholarship here, and a sense of community that can be helpful.

As to reincarnations of AC, they are a dime a dozen. elitemachinery is our current favorite one. Though i don't think anyone agrees with him about his claim, he at least has a sense of humor, unlike most reincarnations of the Prophet.

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Welcome mayet

I find strength in my illegitimate birth .

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Welcome, and thanks for joining us, mayet.

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thanks for all the welcomes...

Tiger Welcome mayet

I find strength in my illegitimate birth .

well if strength in numbers counts.. 4 parents, still kicking, 6 or 7 half brothers and around 80 first cousins .. it took from me but it also gave me so much more...

As Ignorant666

to reincarnations of AC, they are a dime a dozen. elitemachinery is our current favorite one. Though i don’t think anyone agrees with him about his claim, he at least has a sense of humor, unlike most reincarnations of the Prophet.

my ex claimed it.. and really I would be leaning towards a yes at times with the things I saw him do/be and reeading his work is a trip literally ...

but elitemachinary can wear that crown, my son KAOS who was born 123 years after crowley (12 oct) doesn't want the honour....mind you he does have a wicked sense of humour but never touched recreational drugs or alcohol or cigarettes and never would ..... considering I am his mum that is amazing, not about the sense of humour he had no choice, I find the funny side in most if not all things.. but the abstinence...

Michael Staley Welcome to LAShTAL, mayet.

and thanks Michael, *grins ... now I have to go and learn some more hebrew.. ugh grammar lessons 😀