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93 folks!

I just wanted to say Hello and introduce myself! I am Frater Triumphus, a Thelemite but very open-minded in that I am flexible in that I tend to have a variety of interests magickally and otherwise. I am an inactive 1st degree of the Caliphate OTO, have attended several Gnostic Masses and even served as a Child for a couple of them. Recently I applied to the Soror Meral branch of the AA to start my 3 month period of being a student. I also have studied Witchcraft and am an initiated and ordained HP in the Cabot Tradition headed by Laurie Cabot HPs. I've also briefly studied Tibetan Buddhism according to the Gelug School and briefly practiced the Ganden Lha Gyama associated with Je Tsong Khapa. As you can see I have a wide variety of background practices, seeing that it is not the dogma but the method which helps one to ascend to their full potential.

I've also had a background in performing music, though I do very little of that now. I was a vocalist for a number of bands over the years, mostly punk rock bands. Currently I live outside of NYC in New Jersey and would love to associate with other local Thelemites. I do not respond to dogmatic fundamentalists of any kind, not interested in arguments or drama, and am about learning and experiencing life to its fullest degree.

Looking forward to getting to know some of you!
Frater Triumphus

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Welcome, Frater Triumphus, to LAShTAL.COM.

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Welcome aboard, Frater Triumphus 🙂


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Welcome to LAShTAL, Frater Triumphus.

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