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Aielo LAShTAL, I am new here, and wanted to introduce myself a wee bit. I've been interested in Mr. Crowley's works ever since I was 12: It all started one Saturday afternoon, after book study, while reading an Awake article about spiritism and the occult (my mother is a Jehovah's Witness, heh) and while I can't remember the particular content, they made reference to this "wickedest man in the world" and naming him flat out, I was determined to get to know more about him, seeing as that was perfect age for rebellion against religious inconsistencies-as-experienced that the "wicked'r the better".  ;D

At 14 I found a biography of Mr. Crowley, hardcover, by an author I can't remember, with a title I can't recall, but it was rather fair-handed and almost generous toward his memory, and I fell in love immediately with the man and his myths. I would a few years later trade that book for the Mr. Crowley's autohagiography. I toured all around during my high-school computer classes, once I got my work done, and used their printers to have personal access at all time to my favorite libers. During the whole time I read Mr. Lavey's books, Mr. Robert A. Wilsons books, Mr. Colin Wilson's books, Mr. Gurdjieff's books, Mr. Will Burroughs' books, Mr. Ed R. Burrough's books, and others, although my library didn't get really interesting til a few years ago (especially with the Vodou Gnosis Workbook).

So one could make the inferrence that I was, and am interested in "blowing my mind up", and with the chaos magick principle of paradigm shifting found it easier and easier to navigate and draw conclusions of compatibility between the different operating systems of magical-biomental works.

Things really came to a head when I was exposed to SubGenius and *poof* just like that all the pieces were drawn together in a woven tapestry of contradiction AND consistency. The tensions of my soul were given freedom in a dynamic relationship to slack, loosened from the "ropes of life" I could start putting my personal thoughts about all these studies into action. I could and did start weaving my own ideas, my truths and my lies, into creative untruths. It was at that time that I started taking a particular form of Yoga quite seriously, and reality as I knew it imploded under the weight of the collective genius of everybody, alive and dead in my life, like a star collapsing into a singularity, a hole, through which I had to crawl through: the AK-AT-ION project, which took almost two years, and lead to all sorts of acausal insanities, which, somewhat annoyingly continue to tomorrow's yesterday, forever it would seem.

If I were Wiccan, you'd probably consider me a solitary practictioner, but after my AK-AT-ION project I grew tired of my shadow, my jinn, and desired to contact other lively and most importantly LIVING, BREATHING "Characters" interested in reality's secrets, in what lies within, on the surface, and beyond the the essence, the substance, and the existence of such an insanely improbable thing such a world of people.  8)  [/font:3tg2csj2]

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