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Hail from Hanover, Va

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My name is KB,
I live in the suburbs surrounding Richmond City.

In 10th grade, I was drowsy
and anxious
in a black truck destined to visit my grandmother in the hospital.
I hallucinated a black rat approach me,
I was completely sober,
I had recently researched the Black Plague.
I may have subconsciously known my grandmother was going to die a few days later.
She did die.

I told (initial name) at Atlee High School,
as if joking with me, he smacked my hand. I didn't think he suspected me of racism.

As I left high school, I did a little partying, and "Nazi Satanists" winking like they were joking
gang stalked me and showed up in my chat room chat logs.

An acquaintance with a red pickup truck looked superficially like
Thor, the Thunderer,
at war with Low key or silent, Loki stuck low on ki and from intoxicant,
because honeir was tricked (RagnaRok prophecy I could've been forced to read
as a Black Metal joke).
The man was bearded and long haired like Thor,
had a last name like Camilla Mar,
boasted loudly when he talked,
and called me to war:
He said "mighty white of you" to compliment a black guy,
then told me,
this instant,
3 options:
A fight,
do nothing,
or report your scooter stolen."

A fight was not an immediate option, doing nothing was not an action, so I reported my scooter stolen. It was stolen for $200 in tobacco,
a student at Atlee had stolen $50 in tobacco from me, and returned as $50 in bourbon I chugged as if compelled to, which destroyed my Blazer, my first real vehicle.

Something happened at a nudist colony with a cucumber and Nazi Satanism,
similar to an alien abduction which falsified aliens exist thru scary triggers.

The stolen scooter was the stolen computer,
it had chat logs of my childhood cyber sessions with succubus themed characters.
To report tobacco plant was to report evidence plant.
Samuel Johansin lifted the device, a man nicknamed your hand has sinned whom invited me to join a Satanist cult as the god of strength in silence.

According to Viking, Loki is contested with Logi in reference to meat consumption, Loki can handle everything on his plate, Logi (the chat logs?) takes care of the plate itself.

Behind Giovanni's 301, in the apartments, I see "Don Juan Giovanni" on an episode of the Howard Stern Show as a third string actor, a similar looking fat guy begins gang stalking me everywhere. Vampirism is mentioned, the adrenals atop the kidneys secrete adrenaline into blood when humans are scared or aggressive.

My Vampire: the Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition,
page 63 lists the Nosferatu as sewer rats that inform for the Camara ill Camarilla,
some kind of a mob hit is referenced Enrathi on the name Giovanni.
Giovanni was the first man to animate a dead corpse with electroshock,
zombification induces bulk rotting,
the Giovanni in the game contagion with zombies,
Hollywood's World War Z is World War III (of the three bars of the z),
rot sounds similar to rat.

Giovanni diablerized the Cappadocians and is Lamia bloodline, Cappadocians practice Mortis, Lamia practice Deimos. Deimos + Mortis are Necromantic disciplines spelling
Most Die, Mor is
It's Demi Moor's

The Giovanni have Nazi mob connections, and as an in Clan weakness practice cults of guilt / Satanic Ritual Abuse.

My Revelation,
the sixth angel (the sun?)
says to loose the four angels bound in Euphrates,
which can spell phEe, u rats.
They were loosed,
waiting a day and month and year to kill 1/3rd Verse 16 begins.

666 could mean false surity baiting in the Mark of the Beast accessories to participate in some kind of blood pool,
in the World of Darkness game,
the Sabbat Sect diablerizes the Camara ill
as revenge for that the Tremere persecuted and diablerized the Vampire Buddha Saulot.

Diablerie consists in draining the blood of an older, classically higher ranking noble
then stealing hir power telepathically.

As if enslaved,
I signed a sobriety contract
and meditate upon receiving astral love
on my birthday, March 23, 1985, 2:30 pm.

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Well that was an interesting Burroughs-esque ramble. Howdy.

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In reply to the Christian theme to the name ChristIBrany,

Rev 5, the Lamb of God has 7 horns of war, 7 eyes of clear vision, 7 spirits of God

"If Cain 7, Lamech 77" symbolically reiterates 777 Lamb of God

Va Mech is Lamech if the L turned to the left, Hanover Va is Mech. Va.

I noticed in this post various conspiracy theories:

KalithAlur's introduction claimed,
more information available at

A free form role playing forum. Kalith Alur could be a practical joker.

Kalith Alur is claiming in the post to be possessed by voices, and to assuming Satanic roles to escape. Christian literature on Satanic Ritual Abuse cites the cults almost always do it that way, Nazi Satanists, Thelemites to be stomped out as traitors for opposing freedom of speech, and government sponsored Central Intelligence mind control.

Drawing of the Circle:
Jesus Christ is invited into your heart as the Lord and Personal Savior of all people.

This guy is looking like a religious fundamentalist, which could have been his best card if the Nazi Satanists were leveraging prejudice against him because of mainstream religious bigotry... Or the line could have been appointed by a Freemason sociologist entertained by all the mind control almost as much as by prospect of releasing slave.

The behind the scenes occult punches and counter-jabs and jump kicks
could rival the famous battle between SL MacGregor Mathers and the Blasphemous Beast Aleister Crowley.
Not so Hollywood explosions and lightning bolts and curses, telepathic mind ray attacks
concerning the enemies of Lamech's poetry
by margin defusing
opponent character sheet scrying.

I suspect Judas Iscariot is the Antichrist:
*his name obviously conceals some kind of trip,
Ju Das (Jew Days, a traitor sometimes Jewish) . . . . I Scari, O t(Christ)

His name means his a traitor to the Jews so feel intimidated oh Jesus.

*he killed Jesus Christ
by betraying an eccentric public poet over to Roman government censors.

If the Bible were a fiction, Judas Iscariot poking Jesus in the belly
to calm down and quite miraclizing, has to pass for a brazen finger pointing at the real Antichrist.

Ju Das, I Scari... O t
Jew Days, I scary & oh crucify.
The name may conceal the identity of the Nazi Satanists responsible, because Satanic Ritual Abuse culties are introverty from fear. Psychological types of psyche schisming Judas Iscariot,
he has the name of a guy whom can cast memory retreat, multiple personality disorder, and duration schizophrenia.

Not a Rajah
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Chris said: "Well that was an interesting Burroughs-esque ramble. Howdy."

Yes. And as you can see, there's plenty more to be Rambed, er, rambled.

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What have I done...

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Call me crazy but I may (try to) read your book KB.
I am the type of guy that gets random kicks listening to homeless people spout gibberish for about two minutes. Sometimes you can tell they have their own inner logic it just doesn't coincide with say, mine. But boy howdy it sure can be funny.
Until it takes itself too seriously.