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A fellow Thelemite on Reddit told me about this forum, looks like a nice place! 


I am a Thelemite, was a decade ago and recently came back. Walked the LHP a while as a Satanist and Setian, even publishing a book on the latter and helping found a small LHP organization. That is behind me now though as of 1/1/2020. I like Crowley but fall on the side of him being an accidental prophet, I think Thelema exists above and beyond Crowley and his specific works. I'm interested in Typhonianism as well, though I've only read a little Grant and Levenda's "The Dark Lord". My patron is mainly Set still but not in a skewed satanic view. I've been working with the composite deity Set-Tetu-Ra Ka-Nuit aha-Apep, likely my own HGA that I've just gotten in touch with as of 1/1/20. 


Feel free to ama! Looking forward to more thoroughly checking the place out 🙂


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Welcome (and thanks for the reply on the other thread). I am also a (fairly) new member and funnily enough I also had a similar experience around the same time. I'm not sure I found my HGA but I did have an experience of what I'd call "astral" consciousness (others might say I was just going a bit mad from lack of sleep). After years of being interested in Crowley as a "creepy old man from the olden days" who had this strange mystique, I finally understood him as a "prophet", and understood that rather than being "a bunch of weird rituals and creepy stuff", Thelema is actually about "beautiful space stuff". Sadly this experience didn't last long, and I have since come back to my more normal consciousness, but at the time I understood that Nuit brings the whole universe to life (I was almost hearing angelic choirs while having ecstatic thoughts about space).

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Welcome aboard the HMS Bedlam!

We're all mad here! As a Thelemite I have enjoyed learning from others here, enjoying the discussions and the FIGHTS!


How did you come up with your 'franken-diety' and what does it mean to you? 🙂





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I believe it's the form of my HGA. From a post of mine on another forum:


I posted about this recently [here]( and wanted to follow up. Firstly the full title is "Set-Tetu-Ra Ka-Nuit aha-Apep", Seth/Thoth/Ra, soul of Nuit, who contends against Apep.


Interestingly, when I boiled it down, both Set-Tetu-Ra and aha-Apep = 12 = 3. I found it interesting that this being Set-Tetu-Ra equals "who contends against Apep". Not only that, but it's obviously a triune deity who's number is 3. Further, I got the English "Set" and Hebrew "Apep" boiled down to both be 8.


In Hebrew Ra = 201, Ka = 21, both equal 3 with the same two digits. This ties the Ra aspect directly to the Soul, like Set is tied to the Chaos.


Ka-Nuit boiled down to 4, the number of the sun. Set-Tetu-Ra had boiled down to 3, and Set-Tetu-Ra Ka-Nuit was 7, the number of divine completion and perfection, like they're meant to go together. Set-Tetu-Ra Ka-Nuit aha-Apep = 10 = 1, wholeness and unity, Nuit as both The All (1) and Nothing (0). Adding the full name up in Hebrew the way I did also came out 10 = 1.


Here's my sheet:


IMG 20200204 162843






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