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Lamatronik Greetings!

Claudio Cesar de Carvalho
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Hello to all,

Firstly sorry for my english, this is not my native language.

I have some difficulty in talking about myself, but c'mon.

I'm a Brazilian researcher and practitioner of the Occult Tradition for over 20 years, and am connected with the Typhonian Current. I'm also a writer, artist, tarologist, therapist and hermetist.
I and my wife Lilia Palmeira publicize our work through the Mother Blog so-called SOCIEDADE LAMATRÔNIKA®.

From the SL emerged seven other blogs, each one corresponding to one type of work, whether artistical, hermetic, tarotic, arithmological and so on.

Besides the SL, three of our blogs stand out for work published:

Kenneth Grant blog that is related to a disclosure project in order to approach and familiarize the Brazilian public with the works of the English Hermetist, furthermore and obviously perpetuate his work for future generations. Some of the texts are bilingual (Brazilian-Portuguese & English).

It also highlights a blog on System so-called Spiritual Technology applied by Zivorad M. Slavinski where we address his many techniques from the Energetic Therapy. Lilia and I are the representatives of Zivorad in Brazil.

I include here, another blog that is related to my research and experiences with the Crowley & Harris Tarot  (I prefer to call it like that) technically called Thoth Tarot. My studies with the gorgeous cards encompass their pictograph, composition, symbolism and mainly Initiation. I'm also a representative in Brazil of Associazione Culturale Le Tarot, Italy, whose scientific committee of the Association is chaired by Andrea Vitalli, one of the world's leading authorities on the history and art of the Tarot as a whole. I also am a member of the Committee.

Well, I hope to learn and contribute to discussions on topics of my interest with smart people and wise that certainly are an integral part of this Forum, and, of course, enjoy the numerous information released in LAShTAL.

Thanks again Paul and his staff and also those who contribute daily to renew increasingly dynamic of this website.

I do in this moment an acknowledgment especially to Michael Staley, for his encouragement and example regarding the Way.

There is no law beyond Do what thou wilt.

Best wishes.

Cláudio César de Carvalho 

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Welcome. Thanks for the intro.

Michael Staley
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Welcome to LAShTAL, Cláudio.

Best wishes,


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Nice to see you here Cláudio!

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Welcome to!

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Welcome Claudio and 93 !  Good to have your presence here.

jamie barter
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Hello Cláudio!

(To be sung avec brio): "We accept you, we accept you, one of us, one of us!"

Welcome to the Magic Theatre!  (This way! ~~~ not for everyone!)

With felicitations,
Norma N. Joy Conquest.