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Quietly walking into the Foyer of The A.C. Society  


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23/09/2013 7:05 pm  

Good Evening,
This is my first ever visit.
I really respect all the hard work done by the Site Owner and Administrator.
After having been 'with' Aleister's work in my life for 35 years, I sometimes wonder if there's an original thought in my head. Was this or that notion mine or did it start with Aleister? Perhaps you experience that sort of thing.
In any case, well met. Do well and be well one and all.
Best wishes,


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23/09/2013 7:44 pm  

Welcome to LAShTAL.COM and thanks for taking the trouble to introduce yourself.

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23/09/2013 7:59 pm  


"Sothoth" wrote:
Was this or that notion mine or did it start with Aleister?

I hope you get over that as soon as possible. There is nothing to indicate that following someone else's work is beneficial, except maybe a little bit in the beginning (because sometimes one doesn't know where to start), and a lifetime of flattery (er, imitation) will lead to conformity  😮

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23/09/2013 8:55 pm  

Welcome Sothoth,

Come on in, don't stand out there in the Foyer.


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24/09/2013 1:00 am  

Welcome, Sothoth!  Yes, do come in!  Have a look around then feel free to take a seat in the Forums and join in our discussion(s)!  Nice handle, by the way!

In the arms of Father Dagon and Mother Hydra,

William Thirteen
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24/09/2013 6:15 am  

Yog, Sothoth!

Michael Staley
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24/09/2013 9:07 am  

Welcome to LAShTAL, Sothoth.

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24/09/2013 9:08 am  

Thanks for making yourself known to the crew Sothoth!

Enjoy your stay.

jamie barter
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24/09/2013 10:51 am  

“We accept you (too), we accept you (too), one of us, (another) one of Us!”

Welcome Sothoth. (Or as WilliamThirteen so deftly put it, Yog Sothoth!  You are well come.)

"Shiva" wrote:
"Sothoth" wrote:
Was this or that notion mine or did it start with Aleister?

I hope you get over that as soon as possible. ...

Maybe in another thirty-five years then??! (Give or take a decade!)

Foyers & anterooms?  If “The (spiritual) Home of the A.C. Society” is, as the Home page logo suggests, Boleskine, then I suppose (the sublime falls at the) “Foyer(s)” would be just adjacent to it, or maybe that’s stretching things a bit far…

Do well and be well indeedy doody,
Norma N. Joy Conquest

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25/09/2013 6:47 pm  

Evening Everyone,
Thank you so much for the friendly responses. I am surprised...rather because I am an unassuming sort of chap. So now here I am sitting in the luxurious splendour of The Societies licensed reception lounge  😉
I think you perhaps deserve a little more stuff about me, after all, trust can be hard won these days.
Can some of you remember what it was like in the 1970's and 80's when it was rather hard to find A.C. material? His work was not really in the shops save by special order only. One had to trail through esoteric antiquarian book mobile phones, no internet, no ebay.. A stange sort of world really.
Waiting for some Aleister treasure from the USA back then was a tense affair...shipping ho ho..
After much work I finally had the library I wanted with a few first editions and a signed Liber Legis by the Old Man himself. Over time I gave most of it away when I met someone in real need. I didn't really sell off things cause I didn't want to profit from er..  books as good as sacred to me.
What a long journey its been to get here, the things I've seen....starfire over the Tannhauser Gate...well not really.
You see, I was in a group for 13 years, and recently the Head died. He had been giving occult guidance for nearly the whole of his long life. We have now gone our separate ways; each being called to new things.
So oddly I am now on my own. The story can go on, but being here is not about self promotion I think.

It will be good to try and find topics to contribute to. This is a very busy extended family in The Society, so well met again.
Onwards Brothers