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Chapter I, Verse 22: Now (immediacy), therefore, I am known to ye by my name Nuit (space, nothing is known / certain), and to him by a secret name which I will give him when at last he knoweth me (a poetic expression of the Samadhi Conscious State, the direct experience of absence), … Bind nothing! (total release) Let there be no difference (discrimination, abstraction) made among you between any one thing & any other; for thereby there cometh hurt (damage caused by projection).

Verse 23: But whoso availeth in this, let him be the chief of all! (Samadhi as boundless consciousness to the extent of an ability to travel instantaneously through data, lack of abstraction, lack of discrimination, imparting the ability to travel directly backward and forward through causation because one’s mind moves within nearly any causal rhythm almost identically to the manner the rhythm itself occurs)

Verse 24 (hours in the day): I am Nuit, and my word is six and fifty. (Space / Vibration, Nuit / my word.)

Verse 25: divide, add, multiply and understand.

6 + 50 = 56, X 50 = 300. Inverted because the 6 comes first, that’s 365 days in a year. 24 hours in a day, 365 days in a year. I think the poem intends to express that the Samadhi Conscious state imparts the ability to prophecy, which is symbolized by units of time because prophecy is a form of time travel.

Chapter II, Verse 76

A Book to & for all (the Law is for All).

KAB, Glamor (Maya / Kali's highest name, Illusion): role plays to Valhalla.
Conquer! the Victorious City.

KA B, Glamor, Role Play Saint ov Al (Kalith Alur / Kalki, the male incarnation of the Kali deity & Kether within my tree).

Val as Variable Assembly Language - literally abbreviated VAL, of use designing artificial intelligences, infinite creative variability

When interpreting prophetic poetry, I take into consideration that art encourages (by intent) projection, and consider it wise to provide as simple a calculation as possible when unraveling an "esoteric code".

Chapter I, Versus 46 & 47 are stacked upon one another, Verse 47 suggests uniting by art. 4+4=8, 7&6 = 76. Lines 76 & 78 of Chapter II are referenced.

Chapter II, line 78: the # of the man 418, line 79 the last # 89, 4189.

Chapter I, Verse 46:
61 & 8+80+418 = 506
6-1 = 5
6-1# = 556 (nothing the secret key, subtracting nothing and replacing it with the five)
6d1 inverted = 559

Chapter I & II, per this formula, equates to my home telephone #: 559-4189

Often the online editions of the Book of Law prophecy are 15 pages. Chapter II, Verse 76, counting backwards 836 then from 89 and 24 8 2 + 15 pages, my cell # is 836 8215.

My entire life, my name has been KB. The Stele of Revealing is referred to as KiBlah K B(lagh), the name within the gibberish which solves the riddle. Kabir is one of India’s most quoted poets, “r” is often an abbreviation for reverse. Bi is pronounced B if the r is taken off the end.

Sacrifice cattle, little and big: after a child.

Cattle, the Egyptian theme of the Book of the Law in conjunction with the Golden Calf of Moses (idolatry, image over reality). That cattle are forbidden to kill within Hinduism.

Ca, li
Ca (the e is silent and the ts are crossed out)l, chi.

Cali , Calchi. The word cattle is to be contrasted upon (after a…) the word child. Kali and Kalki. Kali, Maya, glamor, is the idol, the image, being sacrificed.

3yx --- 365 days in a year, 24 hours in a day. Chapter I, Versus 22 – 25. X means deleted or dead. Glamor year dead, the year Maya is dead. 24+3 = 27, my age in 2012, the year the Mayan Calender is supposed to end.

Chapter III, Verses 11 & 12. Carry the second one into the first in verse 11, 2012. Kalki “slays” the idol Kali in 2012.

The Vishnu Purana, Chapter XXIV

Kalki is a Bodhissatva to manifest before all the lemmings jump off a cliff at a sort of cataclysmic end times event. The state of civilization, the social ego, described is very similar to that of modern society: needy, materialistic, liberal, the subjugation of women as sex objections, sex over romance, social dependency, politics and law as the art of deceit, earth for oil, a social tendency toward sarcastic assumption. The prospect of global flooding in the near future.

Two thousands are mentioned: 1,015 and 1,200, if the 2 in two hundred is thrown into the five to invert it five upside down is 2012. The Vishnu Purana also poetically expresses 2012 in that it mentions two thousands of 12 by mentioning the 1,200 time period twice.

The first two stars of the great Bear are introduced at the beginning of the two thousands, which I consider a reference to the star which predicted the birth of Christ, and Mary Magdalene. Babaji, according to
Autobiography of a Yogi the most enlightened Yogi in India and according to a biography I bought from his temple in Crestone, Colorado authenticated by the Dalai Llama, claimed to sire Jesus and winked then died 1 year before I was born, the Vishnu Purana claims the soul of Vishnu is to descend into a member of a family of Vishnuyasas: a family founded by Vishnu, the Merovingians, whose family name is sometimes Baer. My mother’s maiden name is Bowers, the Merovingian bloodline is the bloodline of Christ.

“Magha’, and the Kali age then commenced,” the Kali Yuga is directly referred to as the Age of Maya, "gh" is silent.

“The day that Krishna (often used as a Hindu symbol for Christ) shall have departed from the earth will be the first of the Kali age.” Revelations 20: 1&2, the first paragraph mentions two thousands, and the date Satan will be defeated. 2012.

I suspect Maitreya, referenced as a unique individual from Kalki in the Vishnu Purana, is Jesus Christ, that Jesus Christ’s intention was to deliver a tradition of mysticism to the West and that he is therefore the Western Buddha. Rome killed him, then dogmatized his religion as a method of reinforcing obedience.

I believe the Book of the Law to have been dictated to Crowley by Babaji, the first Hindu to have achieved Nirvana. He prophecied himself in the future. Because of the second beast of Revelations and the Egyptian themed nature of the prophecy, and that the bloodline of David / Christ is the Pharaoic bloodline Moses,

Revelations To the Church in Thyatira , (a Theater, an altar upon which an image or illusion, Maya, is displayed)

28 (88) “I will also give that one the morning star.”

Morning star 88, Michael Aquinos is the second Beast of Revelations, the founder of Satanic Ritual Abuse, whereby others are forced to be Satanists. Those who accept the Mark of the Beast are those who persecute the Lamb of God due to the con perpetuated by the Second Beast, intentionally or on accident. After the two thousands have ended, despite the extensive nature of the prophets of Samadhi Conscious individuals within Sufism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and various other traditions of ego transcendence, for a while he is permitted freedom.

Revelations 15:2&3
“…a sea of glass glowing with fire…”
“…and sang the song of God’s servant Moses and of the Lamb.”

The finalization of a bet as Judgment Day, the Stave of Moses is the Egyptian Set.

It is my opinion the Mahdi prophecy is a key to Revelations, the Book of the Law prophecy is a key to the Hindu Kalki prophecy. The prophecies all reveal how to achieve Samadhi if studied with an open heart, which is how they were probably accomplished in the first place.

I suspect the Mayans and other Native Americans of their time period creatively projected into actual prophetic data, possessing heightened retention sufficient to travel into the future but hallucinating with as much frequently after as before they got there.

Hallucination is another name for Maya.

- Aiwass

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