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Characterisations in Grist to Whose Mill  


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30/07/2012 2:13 am  

Those who know me from the forums know that I am an inveterate 'enjoyer' of list-making. See my concise AC bibliography, or list of Scarlet Women. I find it helps me retain concepts and hopefully helps future researchers .  At any rate, I enjoy doing it.
While reading Grist to Whose Mill, like most of you I was struck by the obvious characterisations of certain famous people we are all familiar with, and I wanted to make my list of who I thought such and such a character was meant to be portraying (however loosely), or  if not outright portraying, then definitely taken inspiration from.  So here is what I have come up with, having read about 1/3 of it. Please share your opinions if you will.

Marcus Maybourne - Kenneth Grant (an idealization of self?)
Helen Maybourne - Steffi Grant
Vivien Priestlay - Barbara Kindred (part of Grants circle and close magickal worker)
Ruthven Seeley - Aleister Crowley (in 'evil' guise)
Veronica Kinloss - ? anyone?
Vickers - Jack Parsons (young, headstrong, blown up!)
Michael Elst - Gerald Yorke (inveterate collector of 'Seeleyanity')
Rudolph Schleiermacher - Karl Germer (besides the German name, hes faithful to Seeley in a fearful way)
Mostyn Dare - Austin Spare (the only one whose name is similar..obviously a southwark artist)

Anyone cares to add or disagree, I would love to discuss!

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Hey Chris

Per Henrik Bogdan;

Marcus Maybourne = Kenneth Grant
Helen Maybourne = Steffi Grant
Phoebe Maxwell=Ithell Colquhoun
Ruthven Seeley = Aleister Crowley
Veronica Kinloss = Barbara Kindred
Michael Elst = David Curwen
Hugo Klome = MacGregor Mathers
Ailoas = Aiwass
Flavia = Rose Crowley
Rudolph Schleiermacher = Karl Germer
Dr. Sylvanus Carnac = Gerald Gardner
Exeter Fall = Gerald Yorke
Julian Maine = John Symonds
Vickers = Jack Parsons
Mostyn Dare = Austin Osman Spare
Grey = Charles S. Jones

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awesome! had some right some wrong 🙂 thanks! it makes easier reading i think, for there are a lot of characters.