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Kenneth Grant and Kundalini

Jamie J Barter
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Is it known whether Kenneth Grant wrote about his own experiences anywhere with regard to the raising of the Fire Snake? 

There are many references to the practice throughout the Trilogies but none of them are subjective.  He also appears to warn would-be practitioners off the full and proper practice unless they are thoroughly prepared and therefore to recommend substituting it by an imaginative act instead, but it is also difficult to find preparatory/ how-to steps anywhere regarding approaching either aspects of this matter. To give one example here:

If the awakening of the Fire Snake is premature, that is if the primal power ascends before all is balanced, a discharge occurs at some improperly sealed stage of the ascent; the power is deflected or takes a wrong direction, and obsession results.  This occurs, however, only when Kundalini  is actually, i.e. physically, aroused.  It is therefore safer for the operator to perform these practices mentally or astrally so that the Power, although awakened, remains at the Muladhara Chakra.  There is then less danger of trouble along the path of the sushumna (spinal column). 
(from Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God - Chapter 3, page 31. [My emphasis.])

There might be indications in his magical diary --- the maintenance of which he strongly recommended, along with Crowley, Wasserman et al & furthermore categorically made a sine qua non of entry into his order , as well as (along with John Symonds) publishing detailed records of Crowley's own journals --- but mysteriously there seem to be no magical diaries of his own extant as something unfortunate seems to have happened to all of them and they will NOT be published in the near future - or future at all - by Starfire. 

Accordingly, although I temporarily take it on trust that KG (whether as an instrumental part of sex magick or not) must have physically raised his trouser, I mean fire snake himself somewhere along the way, I have not come across and am yet to find any accounts of his doing so --- which would obviously be of considerable value to "the operator" --- anywhere. 

But can anyone else?

Physically and/or imaginatively yours,
Norma N Joy Conquest