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The Ninth Arch - deluxe edition

Michael Staley
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The deluxe edition was delivered at 8 a.m. or so this morning. In grey slipcase with an exuberant marbled paper binding the boards, it looks very good indeed and later today I'll be posting photographs of it. Packaging and despatch by tracked mail of pre-publication orders will take a couple of weeks, and customers will be emailed with tracking details as their copies are despatched.

Copies of the deluxe are still available from the Starfire Publishing website:

Michael Staley,
Starfire Publishing Ltd.
31st March 2017

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Mick just wanted to say in public that I really am enjoying perusing this new deluxe edition.
To be honest even for someone who already owned the standard texts, I really do think the new plates add a hell of a lot.
They make the book more prescient somehow.
Hats off to you, sir.

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