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Behaviour on the Forums  


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02/07/2017 6:50 pm  

We're continuing to experience some unacceptable behaviour on the Forums which has resulted in my having to delete a couple of posts. By 'unacceptable', I mean behaviour that fails to respect other members and that therefore fails to comply with the Guidelines, compliance with which is the only obligation of participating here. In the past I've pointed that this is not a 'Thelemic website' - it's a site dedicated to exploration of the life and legacy of Aleister Crowley - but this hasn't stopped certain members from complaining that it is their 'right as a Thelemite' to publish abusive posts.

Fortuitously, I note that Jerry Edward Cornelius has today published a relevant and well-crafted post on this very subject on Facebook. With his kind approval, I repeat it here:


ON TEACHING THELEMIC BEHAVIOR: When did Thelema become a philosophy where people think it gives them the justification to do whatever they want? You cannot do this in the real world, there are laws, and there are consequences. In other words it’s your right to call an African-American by a racial epithet but you must accept the fact that he may well punch you in the face; this being one of the consequences to your actions.
However, a lot of people think that the laws of the land does not apply to them when it comes to Facebook. They believe this ‘tenuous connection’ between people over internet means that they cannot be hurt and they can even ignore, if not re-write Thelemic principles.

Yes, every man and every woman is a Star (AL I:3) but Crowley clearly states that two Stars should NEVER collide—unless one is out-of-orbit. How do we determine who might be out of orbit? It’s quite simple. If a person has issues, as an example, with what someone writes on their own Facebook page, Thelema does not give them justification to enter that person’s universe (i.e. Facebook page) and bitch and moan by posting malicious, indignant snippets that attack the person’s words as if ‘their own’ words are better. It’s obvious who is out of orbit. If the person argues otherwise, that it’s their ‘Thelemic Right’ to post as thou wilt, anywhere they want, then they’re merely screaming from a pit of Because.

Granted, we all have the right to write as thou wilt (Liber OZ) but there is a fine-line distinction between posting your thoughts on your own page, in your own universe and entering another person’s universe to post your words on theirs.

Admittedly, as brothers fight ye (AL III:59) seems to imply that we can spar but Crowley reminds us, in regards to this verse – “Fight like gentlemen, without malice.” In other words, if you cannot be civil in another person’s universe, and respect the laws of that universe (i.e. Facebook page) as defined by person running the page then you have absolutely no right to call yourself a Star and seeing that you’ve proven yourself not to be a true Thelemite, you deserve to be deleted and unFriended.

The bottom line, simply calling yourself a Thelemite doesn’t make you a Thelemite.

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