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@lashtal Hi Paul Webmaster,

the forum is really buggy at the moment.. I lost a reply when I edited it and it wouldn't take me back like it usally does.

from here without looking too far it seems to be js error in the bbpress. Possibly on member rules or post rules something in a plugin is stopping successful edits, might be two rules crossing each other ..

I have never liked or used BBpress, it's too messy and restricted as far as forum software and I feel limits user interactions.

have you looked at Invisionboard and putting the BBpress out to pasture at all? invisionboard integrates well with wordpress and has fantastic options/plugins

here's an old one I created way back in 2004, if you take a look you may notice that even back then it had so many extras that made the user experience comfortable and pleasing the 2019 me recoils at the green I used...

Im not trying to annoy you, I can see an issue and I can see how the BBpress software is affecting/limiting your wonderful site of records and community and I guess I can invision a great user experience for everyone.. 😀

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bbPress is, indeed, flawed, as noted by many users including myself. Previous attempts to migrate to something more user-friendly resulted in the usual blockage: user names and logins. For the forums to be useful, they need to share the user database in realtime and that's less easy than it should be. Invision integration with WordPress user database is no longer supported and importing existing bbPress posts into alternative forum applications is always problematic.

Essentially, the problems with bbPress occur chiefly when users add multiple links in a single post or serial-post excessively. For the time being - and while the site remains free to use - we're stuck with what we have. There are other sites that are based on Forums, rather than LAShTAL where forums are supplementary to the main site.

I wouldn’t want to lose the many thousands of existing posts just to implement something that allows serial posting of YouTube videos!

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LA: ... something that allows serial posting of YouTube videos!

I object, your honor! The angels came to be last night. I have determined that it is my Will (do that and none shall say Nay, nay) to duplicate all of yourTub on some other site. If I can't do it here, then all is lost.

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Finally found the site to serial post youtube video’s

some of Crowley’s effects
iching coins,trident wand,cornucopia oil lamp pipe ?,ceremonial tripod bowl, lam guitar pic

The Witchy side of London - Bookshops

i thought there was a places thread