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08/03/2016 1:29 pm  

Having issues making posts, it's actually starting to annoy me.
Trying multiple times to post, only to be taken to another screen with only the subject filled in and the body of text missing. It's happening very often to me. Almost as if certain characters/symbols in the title/text are preventing the initial post, so the code then deletes the body text and asks me to start again. I copy and paste in this new post entry box and zip.. nothing comes up. It does not happen all the time, just enough though to get me thinking of more productive ways to use my lunchtime.

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08/03/2016 2:00 pm  

Yeah. That happened to me not long ago. I had included a link (using the "link" function), and ... just what you said.

Being wary, I had copied the post. So I re-inserted it, but removed the "link" function, and just let the (linked) address sit without modification, and it posted!

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08/03/2016 3:50 pm  


I think it is also important to not include more than one pic in he text. It IS a little annoying but I learned to copy all before posting with the last software already where the preview function (fine as it was) sometimes resulted in logging off.

Copy often!


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08/03/2016 4:11 pm  

Thanks @Shiva & @the_real_simon_iff glad that I am in esteemed company with this issue.

I did not include images/pcs but maybe it was accidentally selected when i was copying and pasting from the source to the post?

To be honest I really do not like the coding of the forums now at all.
Does not work well with Tapatalk, no recent posts show in time-stamped order and it's hard/awkward to use.
Anyways, it is what it is. Apologies for the rant Paul!

Michael Staley
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08/03/2016 4:30 pm  

I've had a few posting failures, until I relised that links didn't need to be wrapped around with html code as per the 'link' button.

I've not tried posting with an image yet.

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08/03/2016 8:27 pm  

Moderator's Note

I apologise for the poor quality of the software currently being used on this site for its forums. It seems to be riddled with bugs and is clearly not satisfactory - it is not as good as the 'old' software we used previously but we had to implement it to ensure no posts were lost in the upgrade to WordPress.

We - @eol and me - continue to look for alternative solutions - I suspect that we will eventually revert to the previous software and preserve this setup in aspic for future searches.

Oh and @ptoner - It's not a rant and you don't need to apologise! Members deserve better - especially those like yourself who have made this site what it is.


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09/03/2016 7:35 am  

This is, unfortunatelly, the only piece of forum software out there that works well with Wordpress. I am all but happy with it yet our other option is to re-migrate to a more stable and robust forum software and lose WP connection. That would mean that we'll need to switch to two accounts - one for WP and one for forums.

The problem with WP(CMS as a whole) lacking good "bridge" for popular forums is the fact that the concept of community such as LAShTAL is dying out. People have either moved the whole forum idea to Facebook groups or they use only forums without a direct connection to CMS. WP/bbPress is an attempt by WP community to solve that but they have a long way to go.

I will continue looking for a better solution or wait until @lashtal tells me that we should drop bbPress and do something else. 🙂

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10/03/2016 10:38 pm  

New site looks great.


No unread button on tapatalk anymore, and no unread or new posts button on computer.

It makes it hard to keep up. I dont want to sift through each section.

How do others manage it?