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Achad's MA-ION - Manifestation

Michael Staley
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Does anyone here know when Achad discovered MANIFESTATION as the Word of the Aeon of Ma?

I've been interested in Achad's work for many years now, and am preparing the Achad-Yorke correspondence of 1948/1949 for publication later this year. In his later work, Achad considered the word manifestation - which occurs in the first and last verses of the first chapter of The Book of the Law - to be of great significance, using the first and last groups of letters to yield MA-ION.

The importance of this word is not mentioned in his three major books, published in 1922-1925. And yet, he received and vibrated a Word - MANIO - in September 1926 which is clearly related. Unfortunately, I have yet to see an account of how this Word was received. Achad's letters and diaries were scattered amongst a multitude of collectors over the last few decades, making an account of his life's work difficult.

In fact, at the outset of his correspondence with Yorke (late February / early March 1948) he still does not seem to realise the significance of manifestation. Its importance emerges as the inauguration nears of the Aeon of Ma on 2nd April 1948.

I wonder if there is anyone here who could shed light on the matter?

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