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19/10/2009 7:10 am  

My apologies if I am posting in the incorrect section, thought "Magick" would be appropriate to my question. I have bought some second hand occult books and was informed that when buying previously owned books, especially those of an occult nature, it is a good thing to "cleanse" the books by lighting some incense so it can clear any "negative" energy the book may still hold from a previous owner. Is this superstitious or is it wise to perform this cleansing?

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19/10/2009 3:23 pm  

What than with all those people who buy books like for example first editions with Aleister Crowley and some other occult/magical writers, are the ones who wish to purchase those books then possibly in danger, I think at times when you buy for example an 'energised' book its entirely to the individual's mind wether he wish to 'clean' it or not, I think its better if you doubt that the item will do you any good or that the 'force' is not to be neutral or 'positive' to you to let the buy to someone else, who then will either not mind, or will be happy with it. My personal thought is, leave the item as you originally found it, or don't by it, and leave the 'enjoyment' to possible owners who will either not mind or otherwise be happy with it.

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Hello Starman!

The only times I’ve ever “cleansed” books, is if they were moldy, or infested with book mites!
Lysol, or some disinfectant---sprayed for the mold; and for book mites, I spray the inside of a box with some insecticide, prop the book at the bottom on anything that can support it; close the box and forget about it for a week.

One is more likely to have to magically cleanse something that is “Given” to you, than anything you might purchase used!

If you think the book has bad vibes from the previous owner, all you really need to do is hold the book in your hands and say: Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Love is the law, love under will.
The only time it’s worth it to get intricate, is the consecration of The Magickal Tools.

Now of course, if you buy used books from a seller actively infected with the Swine Flue….

Either way,
if you still feel as though any items are putting out some nastiness of an insidious kind,
than my best advice is: Do what thou wilt.

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"Starman" wrote:
Is this superstitious or is it wise to perform this cleansing?

My money would be on superstitious.

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20/10/2009 5:18 am  

I remain with the thought that the buyer ofcourse always can sell the items again, 'cleansed' either or not 'cleansed' or keep them and let them as they were, or either 'cleanse' them and keep them. If the buyer ofcourse first have 'cleansed ' them, and then resell them, he might have spoilt the possible 'enjoyment' a future buyer possibly might have, in case if the item is still for sale and you do not think you would feeling any good with it, then leave the purchase and buy something else, the item in that case shall possibly find a purchaser who will either not mind or otherwise be happy with it, ofcourse that's a recommendation, I try to not take as a gift items that I don't want, I also try to evade the buy of a mited or molded book.