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Crowley Tarot decks confusion

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Many years ago I bought a large Crowley deck in a white box and later an
81 card small version. These are not the first printing from Llewelyn which were extremely green.

Is it true that the original painting were rephotographed in the last 10years
and a better deck produced ? There are now perhaps 3 sizes , including some from Switzerland and the variation in color seems to more than could be expected by the printing process alone.

So which is the deck truest to the original paintings ? ISBN/manufacturer would be much appreciated.


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93! The recent re-photographed Thoth Deck hasnt been published. The Swiss version is better than the original American production. AG Mullers' is the best one to date. 93 93/93.

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I've had this problem lately, so many to choose from, but I think i've found a decent one now.

Lillianu xxx