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Daily Devotions  


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05/02/2011 11:25 pm  

Just wondering who does daily devotions on a constant or almost regular schedule as a way of life. I know of one, my friend voodoo Bob. He does morning and evening devotions at his altar religiously every day.

I never thought it was that important until I realized that the astral absorbs any energy charges throughout the day and reaches a point where it is flat. Hence the need to do banishing rituals every day since the energy dissipates into the astral over night.

We create a "charged" environment in some way and over the course of the day it loses its charge and is able to be "recharged".

I'm not a good example but each morning at work I do try to meditate a few minutes in the parking lot on the day ahead and magickally try to protect myself and make things easier. I've noticed that each time I pick up something "strange" in that meditation something related to it does happen during the day at work. The meditation does indeed without failure pick up the main events of the day before they happen! By meditating on them I am able to subtly alter the outcome in my favor. It does work!

Now why can't I do it at home or about other things? What is the resistance to this powerful practice? Any thoughts?

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05/02/2011 11:41 pm  

Yeah, I think the resistance is simply within yourself.

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"anarchistbanjo" wrote:
What is the resistance to this powerful practice? Any thoughts?

I thought I'd made it clear in my response to one of your previous posts:

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