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Etymology of Nasatanada

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Hi! I am curious about the origin of Crowley's phrase "zazaz zasas nasatanada zazas".  I have always assumed Crowley constructed it as a series of neologisms & portmanteau-words, ie. combining satan & nada (nothing), etc, much as he did with other formula.  Do the learned people here have any insight?  The only two references to it are in The Vision & The Voice, and Liber Pyramidos that I am aware of.  Cheers!

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To Crowley’s comments about the portal of the Abyss, Regardie (1982) added: Thse words are from some version of old itmes. By this Adam was said to have opened the gates of Hell. These are th traditional words which open the Abyss.

I have found no earlier references to these words before Crowley (I had thought they might be in Dee, but no.)  There are at least eight versions of the word (Troa, Pyramidos, Crowley notebook, Kowal Pyramidos, Vision and the Voice, Symonds, 93 Publishing (1976) and 93 Publishing proof).

In my study of Pyramidos between 1985 to 1990, I explored the idea that the “real message” is probably in each of them. Among the versions the greatest variation is in ADANA and TASAN. Using the formula as a 5 x 5 magic square matrix, and interchanging lines and columns (as in a two dimensional “Rubik cube”), the results were:

I ended up with the ZASAZ in the first, third and fifth lines, and also as the diagonals in the square.  The resulting letters in the second line were A…D…N. In the fourth line they were S..T..N.

Whether this is correct or meaningful, depends upon the interpreter. Enjoy and explore further.