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Magickal Child (Theoretical Implications)

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My own ideas. Your's greatly welcomed.

- The Magickal Child, as I've read, has a tendency of being viewed as a spiritual being, who may or may not assume incarnation in a human body; with Attributes bestowed BY THE MAGICIAN, to the spiritual child/offspring.

The result may be that the Magician who created said child wishes to push An Idea, or Force upon the world, post-mortem. In such way, the magician has a tendency of "living" amongst said incarnation, or child/offspring. Almost, "inhabiting".

From what I've read, this offspring may be given elemental or otherwise astrological attributes to fulfill said work.

- I believe that an spiritual offspring, created by said magician, is more likely to contain The MENTAL Imprint or "Spirit" of the Magician, than anything. That the offspring is not necessarily "a reincarnation" of The Magician, but "its own person"; however, such a person will indeed be more like The Magician Him/Herself than her or his "own self". A Continuation of The Work of The Magician Him/Herself. As if, "doomed to repeat it" and "succeed it".

Being that the offspring is Imbued with The Magician's Mental Imprint; aspects of Work and Practice will indeed be similar to The Magician whose impressed His/Her Will upon The Recipient. So much so, that the offspring will be as if unable to do anything else but obsess over the ideas of the Magician who created it.

Because of this "Mental Imprint" given to the spirit, or mode-of-being of said "Child"; the offspring will be able to see/hear/understand things not known to others but the magician. For his entire being will be but a reflection of the Magician who did the "Imprinting".

If The Magician imbuing the child should be an M.o.T. as moment of "conception"/Imprinting, the child too will bare that Mark. Perhaps not realize him/herself as such, until such time has come that the child takes up the work of the Magician, realizing that "the links" which forged The Magician's own progress to that grade have been Realized by the child; and not only until that point does the child attain "Full Knowledge", so to speak, of The Magician's intent... the child's own place in the universe as "a successor" to that knowledge... or reach attainment similar thereto, itself.