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making abramelin oil  


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07/01/2012 5:45 pm  

I intend to mix my own Abramelin oil, 'cause there is no way to just go in the shop and buy it (Czech republic...). But there are some issues in understanding correctly, what ingrediencies and proportions should be used.

Since we have the new translation of The Book of Abramelin made by Steven Guth, I don't think it is a good idea to follow Mather's or Crowley's recipe, because they use the galangal, which is the result of the bad translation.

I have two major problems, that I am humbly asking you to help me with.

First is the problem with cinnamon. There are two kinds of cinnamon in original jewish recipe, sweet cinnamon (Cinnamomum glaucescens) and cassia (Cinnamomum cassia). In the Abramelin recipe, however, there is just subscribed cinnamon, four parts. Which one is ment? I read one knowlegdeable looking pages, where author is suggesting, that Abramelin didn't recognized the difference between them because it was impossible to differenciate them while buying in those times, they are too alike. So I was wondering, if I should use just one of them (which?) or both (what ratio?)... I am really not sure that it was clearly Abramelin's intention to simplify it like this. Because the slight difference between cassia and sweet cinnamon provides to the oil some delicacy in symbolism and influence on physical and astral body, imho. But I really can't say...

I am also having a hard time to decide, what should be the proportions. I plan to use essential oils instead of macerating. The first reason is that the ingrediencies are very hardly to be found for me, second is that the essencial oils are much cleaner and concentrated than those that are macerated. And there is also the better control over real ratio of basis oil and essence itself. The third reason is that there is no clearly stated, which oil it should be macerated in and how it does affect the ratio of basis (olive) oil. But with essential oils there is the same problem. Is the classical ratio usable anyway? Or should I uprise the amount of olive oil to the level according to supposed amount if I was macerating it? On the same page I mentioned before they suggest so.

What do you suggest? I would be very grateful for any advise or lead. Thank you.

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07/01/2012 6:53 pm  

I know that the oil maker for my lodge uses cassia she likes the burn that it produces.  Cinnamon bark does not burn as heavily. not sure how she does her recipe though.    thanks for the link i sent it to her...93's

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09/01/2012 5:22 pm  


For what it may be worth.
I have pretty much left the charts and gone off the map where this oil is concerned. I have tried many ways thru the years. Being naturally lazy, I have looked for alternatives and have found that following works just fine for me. I start by mixing both of these oils together,German and French, ( four bottles of each). I find this lacking in cinnamon so I add cassia to it. One part cassia to four parts pharmacy grade olive oil. I use one of the empty bottles as a measure. Mix it all together in a large crystal. It does raise something of a red welt but what good is it otherwise? After all the flesh is meant to feel.
Here in us, a doctors prescription is need for the olive oil!...go figure.
Did I mention that I add one drop of my own blood at the end?
The aroma of this when I smell it is like throwing a switch inside my mind. It takes me there instantly.
Best wishes.