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The Scourge

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I've been studying Pyramidos again recently, with David Mattichak's recent book on it, and it caused me to bring out the scourge, dagger and chain that I made in 1985, following as closely as I could the description in Book 4, part II, chapter IV.

When I made the scourge, I used the nine strands of copper wire indicated, and I twisted 44 pieces of lead into them. Ever since I can remember, I believed that this number was indicated in the text, but now that I look, it is nowhere to be found. I could have sworn I read it somewhere, so I want to ask anyone - is this number for the number of lead bits in the scourge indicated anywhere, or was it the significance of the number 44 for me that made me put that number into it?

44 was an important number for me since about 1982, both because of DM=blood and ChVL=sand and horror (related to an important early vision), and Crowley explaining it as "the special number of Horus", e.g. in the Old Comment to III,75. I find now that this "special number" is due to Ouarda's inspiration for the Invocation of Horus during the Cairo Working (the number of strung pearl beads required for the ritual), but I don't think I knew that at the time. I just had an affinity for the number.

So, is there any authority for that number of lead bits twisted into the nine copper wires of the scourge, or is it entirely my own inspiration?

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Here are 2 excellent links on Pyramidos:

see and;nowap

Magick says according to

"The Scourge should be made with a handle of iron; the lash is composed of nine strands of fine copper wire, in each of which are twisted small pieces of lead. Iron represents severity, copper love, and lead austerity."