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Snow drops from a Curate's Garden: Edda

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Hello all,
This is not a review as such, or maybe it is, but limited.

I have just received the deluxe edition of this book from Edda.  I just want to congratulate Edda on this book.  It is one of the nicest and eye catching deluxes I've seen in quite some time.  Quarter bound leather, hot pink with a hot pink slipcase.  It is stunning.  This is complemented by the wonderful illustrative nature of this edition.  The juxtaposition of the pink, jet black leather and gold font is a knockout.  I love it.

I don't work for Edda, but if anybody was considering buying one of these I'd recommend this.  Not to mention that it comes with a limited edition print, also magnificent.

Just a visual review you could call this I imagine which might just make it a post on topic...just!

Thank you.