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Converse's "Everyone is a star"  


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19/03/2008 12:43 am  


Has anyone seen the new advertising scheme by Converse called "One Star" which has the slogan "Everyone is a star?" Here is a video of the commercial:

Here is the link to the below article:

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Everyone is a Star
Target Partnership with Converse Hits Retail
Converse launches One Star Exclusive lifestyle collections for upscale discount retailer

Target and Converse have partnered to offer One Star vintage inspired lifestyle apparel and footwear exclusively at Target stores nationwide and on beginning February 2008. The One Star collection, marking the latest long-term collaboration between two mega brands, offers exclusive lifestyle and vintage inspired contemporary sportswear collections for men and women, including denim, non-denim bottoms, knits, wovens, graphic tees, sweaters, dresses and outerwear. One Star footwear includes exclusive and limited edition product for men, women, and children.

The One Star brand made its debut in 1974 with a low cut, suede version of the original Converse basketball oxford with the iconic Converse five-point star design on its side. The One Star shoe quickly became a national phenomenon. It was adopted by the West Coast surf and skate scene of the 1970s and 1980s, and later by the grunge music scene of the 1990s, as a badge of honor—a retro statement of their alternative and rebellious lifestyle. Since then, the One Star brand has remained an iconic franchise for optimistic rebels.

The One Star brand continues to be an influential part of Converse’s rich heritage in sports and music as the Converse brand celebrates its centennial in 2008. For Target, the One Star collection focuses on the tension between classic sportswear and vintage athletic influences, juxtaposing track pants with tailored, rumpled oxfords. The collection consists of conventionally performance-based pieces with a modern aesthetic, resulting in everyday looks in wearable fabrics and stylish silhouettes.

One Star apparel presents a complete range of separates, including vintage-inspired denim, lightweight knitwear, graphic tees, polos, feminine dresses and contemporary outerwear, and updates it by incorporating unexpected stripes, metallics and pastel prints for spring. The One Star footwear collection draws inspiration from a century of heritage and includes limited-edition screen prints and color ways for men, women and kids.

Converse Inc., based in N. Andover, Massachusetts, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nike, Inc. Established in 1908, the Converse brand has built a reputation as “America’s Original Sports Company”™ and has been associated with a rich heritage of legendary shoes such as the Chuck Taylor® All Star® shoe, the Jack Purcell® shoe and the One Star® shoe. For more information about Nike, visit To purchase Nike product, visit


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And yet you neglected to mention Prince once said it best with "We R all a star" from "Baby, I'm a Star" off the Purple Rain Soundtrack.

I neglect to see the magick in celebrity tho.

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19/03/2008 9:44 pm  

Do you think they've been reading up on Crowley or listening to Sly & the Family Stone's classic "Everybody is a Star" (1969)

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FYI the song playing is Everybody's A Star (starmaker) by the Kinks

I believe that everybody's a celebrity,
And we've all got personality
And individuality.
We all read lines,
And we all act a part,
We all need a script
And an audience to play to.
No matter what you do,
Or who you are,
Everybody's a star.

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Pretty cool; have to pick up a pair. I was born in 1974; and actually I love & think the black solid star emblem is a Great Symbol of the Ain as Nuit's Nothingness. Here She Would also Be united with HADIT or SATAN; SATOR; HORUS in their ultimate Male aspects of Black origination too, words of 5 letters.

So any 5 lettered Goddess names?--SOPhIA in Greek is one. MARIA...