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Is it God or a Holy Guardian Angel speaking to Jon Voight?

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Is Jon Voight hearing God's voice? Or was this his Holy Guardian Angel? Or is he just plain nuts? This happened many years ago.

He does seem very sincere. I have an opinion on this that I will share later as I find a few things.

Hollywood veteran Jon Voight recently discussed an encounter with God that changed his outlook on life.

During a time of great anxiety regarding his relationship with his wife and his children and his career in Hollywood, Voight said that God reminded him of his purpose.

During an interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, the NATIONAL TREASURE star said he fell to his knees and said out loud, “it’s so difficult.” But to Voight’s surprise, he heard a response from God with “wisdom, kindness … clarity.”

Voight said God spoke directly to him.

Voight recalled God’s voice telling him: “‘It’s supposed to be difficult.'”

“At that moment in time, I knew, I’m not alone,” Voight added. “Everything is known. … I am known.”

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Don’t worry about ecclesiastical controversies
whether one is being mounted or messaged by
Èṣù-Ẹlẹ́gbára Elegua sometimes confused with god, the devil, Holy Ghost, Philemon or HGA.
It’s the experience that counts.
The bumpkin can always attribute away the particular aspect of exposure.

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Posted by: @tiger

It’s the experience that counts.


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gods voice usually has a message for the masses;
intermediaries usually have a personal tone.
if every thing turns out good you can hail mary
if you fumble, then you can blame it on the devil
unless the fumble makes you better
and the thing that turns out good makes you lazy.


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