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19/03/2008 11:45 pm  

What does YOUR future hold? Find out with the re-release of one of the most-requested and sought-after VERTIGO products of all time: The VERTIGO TAROT DECK SET, in a special gold foil-stamped Sandman 20th Anniversary Edition!

With evocative card images and illustrations by award-winning artist Dave McKean, the 78 tarot cards in the set are designed to be utilized by any practitioner of tarot. The Major Arcana of the set features an array of Vertigo characters, including:

The Fool • John Constantine
The Magician • Tim Hunter
The High Priestess • Titania, Queen of Faerie
The Hierophan • Morpheus
The Wheel of Fortune •Destiny of the Endless
Death • Death of the Endless
The Devil • Lucifer
The World • Swamp Thing

This new anniversary edition features:

Seventy-eight cards with art by Dave McKean, a softcover 128-page book (with a four-color cover by McKean, black and white interior text by tarot expert Rachel Pollack, and an introduction by New York Times best-selling SANDMAN author Neil Gaiman), plus a black velvet-like drawstring bag to hold the tarot cards. The book cover, box front, spines and velvet-quality bag are gold foil-stamped with a special Sandman 20th Anniversary logo.

$ 39.99 US | On Sale November 5, 2008

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20/03/2008 12:24 pm  

Oh, my.... I have this deck already but it was second hand and one card is a colour print glued to a duplicate of another card- now I may have to get myself a new set!

This is an incredible deck- most of the major Arcarna are based on Vertigo characters, it's true, so some familiarity with the source material is useful; but it's by no means necessary.
The court and small cards are... dream-like is the only word for it. The images are multi-layered, literally and metaphorically.
And unlike a lot of vaguely gimicky, tie-in decks or even some other new versions, this is not a Rider-Waite-Smith knock-off! The nearest thing to a matching image between the two decks that I can think of it the 3 of cups (as the book itself acknowledges)- rather than the three women we only see the hands- you can't tell if they're male or female and so the image becomes maybe a shade more universal.

But a slight oops with the publicity text- the High Priestess is Mad Hettie (a homeless haruspex) whilst Titania is the Empress.

ETA- I also get very good results when reading with it- particularly for personal stuff. I think that, being so dream-like, it relates well with internal matters and thoughts- including unarticulated ideas.

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20/03/2008 1:33 pm  

I have used this deck to explore the Qliphoth and I particularly like the art on the "Hanged Man" card.