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Heinrich Tränker - the definitive Biography

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though some of you are already aware of its existence, i thought i might tip off the general readership here to the recent publication of this biography of German esotericist and OTO chief Heinrich Tränker. In his journal Pansophia, Tränker published the first German translations of Crowley's work, and of course hosted the famous Weida Conference at his home in Höhenleuben. He was an intimate of the German Thelemites of his day, Germer, Gebhardi, & Küntzel. This biography is the result of years of painstaking work by Volker Lechler and Wolfgang Kistemann.  At 720 pages (with 179 glorious illustrations) the tome is the size of an encyclopedia and could easily be used to bludgeon someone to death (not that i am making any suggestions here). 1000 copies, with the first 50 signed by the authors.

For more information and ordering details check out the link below:

oh yes, one last thing, it's written in German. If Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, and Immanuel Kant have thus far failed to convince you to learn the language perhaps this book will finally get you off your duff!


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Now, that's a handsome book!

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I treed to order a copy but got a rather terse reply that he neither took credit card or PayPal. I gave up because I couldn't find a way to pay for it.