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The Cipher of AL 2:76 and Geometry

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One number out but 792 crops up in 'sacred geometry'/gematria and in Stonehenge.  The earth's diameter is 7,920 miles.     7,920 thousand feet equals 12,000 furlongs- this is the length of the side of 'the New Jerusalem' (Revelations 21).  St Mary's chapel (Glastonbury Abbey) wall measures 79.20 feet


the diameter of the Earth at the equator is about 43 kilometers (27 mi) larger than the pole-to-pole diameter. As a result, the latest measurements indicate that the Earth has an equatorial diameter of 12,756 km (7926 mi), and a polar diameter of 12713.6 km (7899.86 mi).

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Earth at the equator is about 43 kilometers (27 mi) larger than the pole-to-pole diameter.

Only 27 mi? I didn't know that. I thought the midway bulge would be more.


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There has been some discussion of the relative merits of a serial gematria of English (i.e., numbered 0-25 or 1-26) as applied to the Cipher. Here are some mathematical facts.

Using a 0-25 system (as found in Liber Trigrammaton) or a 1-26 system, such as simply A=1 to Z=26, (or my idea of numbering the letters according to their frequency in Liber CCXX), the 19 letters of the Cipher (with 14 unique letters and 5 repeated) can have any sum from 97 to 397.

The solution to the Cipher is to use the sum of the numbers and the letters as two legs of a right triangle. The sum of the numbers is 143, so this is a constant. It is the letters that are in dispute. The solution provided by Trigrammaton Qabalah is that the letters sum to 208. This in turn creates a right triangle with legs 143 and 208, with a hypotenuse of 252.41434190. In turn, this hypotenuse is in Golden Ratio to the number of the gematria of Babalon:

252.41434190 / 1.618033988749894 = 156.00064

Therefore, part of the solution to the Cipher is the determination of the number of Babalon via the Golden Ratio, accurate to three decimal places.

The question then arises, do any of the other possible sums of the Cipher provide anything as accurate as this? In other words, does the hypotenuse of any other possible right triangles come close to an integer value? I will not post a list of all 301 possible outcomes; just the limit cases, and the most accurate. These are rounded down to three decimal places to save space.

Leg A  Leg B  Hypotenuse     Golden Ratio

97        143      172.794           106.792

186      143      234.616           145.001

208      143      252.414           156.0006

368      143      394.807           244.004

397      143      421.969           260.791

Of the 301 possible right triangles, only three of them give a Golden Ratio to the hypotenuse accurate to two decimal places, and only one is accurate to three decimal places. That one happens to be derived from the sum of 208.

We can only accurately assess the suitability of the Cipher letter total in the gematria that created it. So, I cannot say what 186 or 368 mean in those respective gematrias (since they do not exist). In the case of 208, this is derived from Trigrammaton Gematria, and this is the equivalent of the names of the three gods of the Book: Nuit (58) + Hadit (40) + Ra Hoor Khuit (110) = 208.

But the point is actually to look at the Golden Ratio of the hypotenuse…

In the case of 186, this number is 145. In Greek the best equivalent seems to be Kinein, meaning ‘to set in motion, to move, to call forth’. In Hebrew, AC’s Liber D has Matamon, meaning ‘treasure, hidden or secret thing’

In the case of 368, this number is 244. In Greek, I have no entries in my gematria dictionaries. In Hebrew, AC’s Liber D has Radam, “To be insensible; in deep sleep; in trance”

In the case of 208, this number is 156, which is the value of Babalon, in Greek or Hebrew. This word is obviously of greater import than words for motion or sleeping. Furthermore, AC felt that Babalon was the “secret name” of Nuit promised to him “when at last he knoweth me”, which he claimed occurred during his workings for The Vision and the Voice. As such, Babalon and its attendant number 156 were considered by AC to be actually prophesied in the Book of the Law. This lends great weight to it as part of the solution to the Cipher, because 156 did not have this importance when the Book was first dictated.

As for the circumference of the circumcircle surrounding the right triangle created by these figures, again, the totals for the right triangles created by legs of length 186 and 368 can only be fairly assessed by the gematria that would create such a total. But bear in mind that no such gematria has been proposed by anyone, and there are millions of possible candidates. In contrast, the gematria that creates the total of 208 derives from Crowley’s own Liber Trigrammaton.

But for comparison’s sake, the circles in question would be

186 gives a hypotenuse of 234.616 and thus a circumference of 737.069

368 gives a hypotenuse of 394.807 and thus a circumference of 1240.323

208 gives a hypotenuse of 252.414 and thus a circumference of 792.982

In the most accurate case, 208 provides a circle within .018 of an integer value. Rounding this to 793 is the gematria of verse 2:3, which actually mentions a circumference.

793 = In the sphere I am everywhere the centre, as she, the circumference, is nowhere found.

In conclusion, 208 provides the most accurate approximation to an integer value for the Golden Ratio of the hypotenuse. And this accuracy is centered on the number 156, which has great import as the value of the prophesied name Babalon.

Furthermore, the circle that surrounds the triangle has an equivalence with the verse that mentions a circumference. This is a rather impressive ‘hit’.


Now let’s look at the point on the circle indicated by the most accurate right triangles, assuming the hypotenuse aligns with the axis of 0 Aries- 0 Libra.

In the case of 186, the right angle would rest at 75.107 degrees = 15 degrees Gemini

In the case of 368, the right angle would rest at 42.470 degrees = 12 degrees Taurus

In the case of 208, the right angle would rest at 69.017 degrees = 9 degrees Gemini

I give the location for comparison purposes. Was/is there anything significant at those degrees? In the case of 15 Gemini, there is Rigel in 1904, an important star. In the case of 9 Gemini, it was the location of Aldebaran when the first nuclear explosions occurred in 1945. Nothing so significant can be claimed for the other locations.

This is the comparative data. It shows clearly that there is something highly significant about using the number 208 to discover the golden ratio of the number 156, accurate to three decimal places. Furthermore, this also generates a circle whose circumference is the gematria of the verse that mentions the word ‘circumference’. It then goes on to pinpoint the location of one of the four Royal Stars in regard to some of the most significant events of the 20th century - the first atomic explosions. It also indicates who the “one to follow” of verse 2:76 really is – the star Aldebaran, whose name means ‘follower’.

Rather than page after page of blather, this is actual data. Dispute it if you have better data. Ignore it if you don’t care. But you can’t deny it is factual. And if the simplicity and accuracy of this solution does not even raise an eyebrow, then you are likely the type of person for whom no solution will ever make an impression. That is your right as a free thinker.

To summarize for those who don’t want to read the details in this thread, the solution goes like this:

  • The numbers of the cipher are 143, the gematria of “The Book of the Law”
  • The letters of the cipher are 208, the gematria of “Nuit, Hadit, Ra Hoor Khuit”
  • 143 and 208 make a right triangle with a hypotenuse of 252.414
  • 252 is the gematria of “the numbers & the words”
  • The hypotenuse is in Golden Ratio to the number 156.0006
  • 156 is the gematria of Babalon in both Hebrew and Greek.
  • Babalon is the name prophesied in verse 1:22
  • The circumcircle of such a right triangle has a circumference of 792.98
  • 793 is the gematria of verse 2:3, mentioning the circumference.
  • The position of the right angle within the circle indicates 9 Gemini.
  • 9 Gemini is the location of Aldebaran at the first nuclear explosions in 1945.
  • The atom bomb is the ‘war-engine’ prophesied in verse 3:07
  • Aldebaran means ‘follower’, and is the “one to follow” mentioned in verse 2:76.

The solution is a triangle in a circle. It can’t get much simpler than that.

The numbers attached to the triangle and circle indicate two different prophecies in Liber AL, as well as  a reference to Nuit as the circumference.




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