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The key scale: 32 bis, 31 bis and shifts on the scale.  

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Hello to everybody here,

I have two interraleted questions on the key scale as used by Crowley in Liber 777 and Liber LVIII:

1) What is the real meaning of the double correspondence in the 21st and 22nd paths of the Tree of Life, mainly the existence of "sub-paths" 32 bis and 31 bis? How should I understand that those paths are "bisected"? What is the in-depth qabalistic meaning of it or the "ontologic" reason behind this?

I would be grateful for a comprehensive answer or some source, the best from Crowley's original works.

2) Why some numbers on the scale are displaced/shifted (at the same manner in both Liber 777 and Liber LVIII)?

Liber 777

I would again be grateful for a comprehensive answer or a source.

Thank you in advance!

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Crowley repeats those two paths because there are alternate primary attributions assigned to them: ש is assigned to Spirit in addition to Fire; and ת is assigned to Earth in addition to Saturn. This arrangement allows the fivefold of the four elements and Spirit to complete threefold of the mother letters of the innermost petals of the rose cross: the Air of א; the Water of מ; and the Fire of ש.

The word bis is Latin for twice, doubly.

See 777 Revised page 59

"31 and 32 must be supplemented by 31-bis and 32-bis, as these two paths possess a definitely double attribution; viz. 31-bis to Spirit as against 31 to Fire; 32-bis to Earth as against 32 to Saturn."

Harris and Crowley reflect that fact in their design of the Aeon and Universe cards of Thoth. See also Crowley's remarks in his Book of Thoth commentary.

As for the displacement of numbers I assume you are referring to the "mystic" numbers of the numbers, 777 Column X "Mystic Numbers of the Sephiroth" (Sephiroth is the Hebrew plural word for the English plural word Numbers). These numbers are simply the sum of the all the natural numbers which precede a number up to and including that number. They are also called triangular numbers.


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"The numbers 11, 23, 31, 32-bis, 31-bis are printed close to the left edge of the column for convenience of reference, they referring to the 5 elements.

12, 13, 14, 21, 27, 30, 32 are printed in the centre of the column: they refer to the planets.

15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 24, 25, 26, 28, 29 are printed on the right-hand edge of the column. They refer to the signs of the Zodiac."

Quoted from "777 Revised," page 59, Ch. "COLUMN I: THE KEY SCALE."

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Thank you for your answer jg. But I still can't grasp why the need for that double attribution really appears. It makes the Tree of Life look incomplete (especially as it then is asymmetrical). I guess I should study the formula of the Rosy Cross.

Then AFAIR I read somewhere that Crowley gives an argumentation in the Book of Thoth (I didn't read the work yet) that the attribution (at least in respect to Tarot) is non-arbitrary, which makes things even more confusing.

PS. No need to tell me the meaning of 'bis'. I'm a mathematician by education. 🙂

PPS. What about this 'shifts' in numbers of the key scale? I mean they are not arranged in one column, but some of them are displaced more or less to the right or the left...


EDIT: I didn't notice your last edit. By the 'displacement' I meant what I wrote in 'PPS', i.e. at the key scale itself, column I.

+ It seems I doubled my post. I had some issue with the forum and my last post disappeared. The issue reaped. Though it seems the post isn't shown doubled...

Again my post disappeared (strange magick)... so I repost it to avoid cofusion.

Thank you for your answer Serpent 252. It seems I didn't read Liber 777 fully.

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@Serpent252 :

“The numbers ... are printed ... for convenience of reference ..."

777 [Revised]: Ain't it all a matter of convenience?!...

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@jg The word bis is Latin for twice, doubly.

it's the mirror image .... on it's way back from the 33 degrees

thank you for reminding me I must finish the system

@kalb PS. No need to tell me the meaning of ‘bis‘. I’m a mathematician by education.

mathematician? great stuff... could you take a look at this and see how it shapes up